Can I get blood on pregnancy?How many consecutive times?#短 短 短 短

President Mu’s hidden marriage wife.

The girl who was kneeling gave the heroine again, only to draw a little blood for the hostess.Can you take a little blood?If so, don’t recognize people if you don’t fly Huang Tengda.It turned out that the father of the heart of the heart was stuffed to the heroine with a gift. After the female lead refused, the heart of the heart was fainted.Due to the tension of the hospital’s blood storage, the blood type of the heroine just matched, and she had to only draw the heroine’s blood life.You are AB, they want my blood, and they want to kill the children in my stomach in this way.

The hostess wanted to refuse her husband in order to refuse her husband’s life, or ordered him to take blood and the consequences.It has nothing to do with me, all of which I shut up.Wenerwan, my dad’s body has always been very good.How do I know that he was emotional, he was still in the operating room, and he would die if he had no blood.Do you have to watch him bechemia and die?You have to draw this blood.

Whether it’s my fault, do you want me to take blood and save Dean, right?Even if blood drawing can cause huge damage to my body, you insist on asking me to draw and take some blood.Otherwise, it won’t hurt your body, nor will he want your life.Weerwan, you can save my dad.Go to draw blood now, I don’t.Weerwan, do you know what the consequences you are going to?My mother was in his hands, my dad was in prison, and his burns had just recovered.

The heroine remembered the parents who were still in his hands, and could only promise me to draw enough.You can only smoke so much at a time at a time. Don’t get injured, I am not responsible, yes.600 milliliters are enough, and normal people can only draw up to 400.I was drawn 600 at one time when I was pregnant.

The hostess was drawn with a full 600cc blood, and the back of the back was pale and fell asleep. When she woke up, she saw the real purpose of sitting by the bed.It seems that you can take more blood more times. Do you want to use my blood?Look at what you say is that your dad is hospitalized, and you should be responsible for taking your blood.What’s wrong?Mu Mu also agreed that Dad joined forces to play this good show.Look at this little face pale, yes, who makes you stupid, who makes you have to conceive that child.Weerwan I advise you to be honest to kill the child honestly. I may be able to let you go, not.Then continue to draw blood. At that time, it is difficult to protect themselves. How can I keep this child? You still have a face that night that I do n’t know the shame that night.The psychiatric hospital was sent to the hotel, and I didn’t let you find a man to sleep casually. Do you believe it? I told Mu Yansheng for this matter. If you dare, then I will get out of your pregnancy.Always kill your child in person.

Where are you going?Before my dad woke up, you couldn’t leave the hospital and prepare to draw blood at any try.The patient’s condition is still dangerous. The blood inventory in the city was in a hurry. The next day, the male lead still ordered the female lead to draw blood in a cold tone.But before I took blood, I had a small request. You said, I want to go in and take a look at the dean. I do n’t know what the dean ’s situation

Why don’t you agree to see a two -minute thing? Is there something wrong with people? I don’t, then you let me go in. Actually, I also feel guilty.His dean was emotionally excited to the gastrointestinal bleeding into the hospital, then you can go in when you are getting sick and you can go in.Then I have to follow, just go in together.How could a major bleeding patient had such body temperature, there was a drama, far away from my dad.

I just say a few words to the dean, what are you so nervous?There are so many tubes on the dean’s body, but you dare not mess up. If you speak, you do n’t want to move your feet.It hurts, and the doctor quickly called the doctor.Dad, you just woke up slowly, slowly, you wake up, it ’s good.I’m afraid that one three long and two shorts are worried about death. The dean, you give me the supplements, you will keep it yourself and keep your heart health.By the way, let me call you a doctor.If you wait a little, just a little bit of great work will be achieved. I did not expect that Wen Erwan was so cunning.Rush in and wake me up.Mr. Mu Mu should be fine.Mr. Mu, don’t look at me like this, I’m scared.You really think I am so deceiving.The male lead finally realized the rape of his father and daughter, and closed his mouth.Do you dare to mouth by Wen Erwan?If you exaggerate your condition, you want to draw the blood of Wer Wanwan, right?President Mu, Mr. Mu was sorry, I’m sorry I was wrong. I shouldn’t hide it from you.I dare not dare to be Mu Mu, you can target Weire Wan, but you should not play me.Don’t leave, don’t leave, I’m sorry, I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’m wrong.

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