Can I go to swim this summer?Will the swimming pool infect the new coronal virus?See what the experts say

Hello everyone, I am a smart medical doctor.

The weather in summer began to be hot. At this time in previous years, the swimming pool was already overcrowded, but due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the swimming pools in many places did not open the door.

Compared with everyone, do swimming infection viruses and bacteria? Will it be infected with the new coronary virus? After all, there are not only everyone’s sweat, saliva, and urine in the water of the pool …

The new crown virus is not active in the water, so swimming is okay.The swimming pool is usually completed with a pool disinfection agent. Its active ingredients are hypochloride and hypochlorite, which can kill most of the respiratory virus through penetration.

The risk of infection is in contact with humans. If someone coughs, sneezes, or speaks on the pool or next to the pool, there will be risks.

According to statistics, each ordinary swimming pool contains an average of 49 liters of urine. The brain supplement the 49 large bottle of cola and pour it into the pool. This sour is simply unbelievable.

The hidden spores and people in the swimming pool are difficult to eliminate with potions, especially the excrement is mixed in such a large swimming pool water, and the diffusion is extremely strong.

病 might suffer from gynecological diseases

Especially as long as there are more than one person, the water quality in the swimming pool will become dirty, especially for the aunts, women’s body is relatively fragile, the body’s resistance is weak, the vaginal "barrier" will be destroyed.Death, coupled with the inability to clean up in time, this will cause itching and tofu -like leucorrhea in private parts, which will cause gynecological diseases such as goose, inflammation and mold vaginitis.

性 almost not infectious sexually transmitted diseases

Because sexually transmitted diseases are mainly transmitted through blood and semen, contacting sweat, saliva, etc. will not suffer from sex diseases, unless it is contact with the skin and mucosa, this situation will be infectious.

I can hardly get pregnant

Because sperm wants to fertilize with eggs, the probability of itself is very small, not to mention that in such a large swimming pool, sperm must find "targets".The possibility is still very small.

Eye disease

Water is an important way to spread red eye disease.Due to conjunctivitis, the eyeballs are red, itchy or tingling. Severe bacterial infections, and the eyes will flow out of sticky pus, making it difficult for the eyes to open.

Ear disease

Water is easy to enter the ears. If there is water in the ears and is not cleaned, it may cause blockage and pus, cause ear diseases such as acute otitis media, acute outer ear canal inflammation, and even cause the drum membrane perforation.

Skin disease

Water can soften our keratin. If the skin stratum corneum occurs, it is easy to cause pathogenic invasion, thereby infection with skin diseases, such as hand and foot moss, folliculitis, and scabies.

场 A regular and safe swimming place

Select the swimming stadium through online inquiries and friends, you can use three practices to judge whether the venue is safe and hygienic: see: see the sanitary credibility level identification (A -level, B level can be available), hygiene permits and water quality publicity, water quality publicity, water quality, waterThe color, etc., choose the blue pool water instead of green, it is best to be clear and translucent good water quality.Wen: The use of excessive disinfectants or water without disinfection is pungent and odor, which helps to judge the quality of swimming water.Testing: The role of the pH test strip is to measure the acid and alkali value of the water, carry this small test strip with you, and test it before the water.

✔ Clean work

After swimming, rinse the dirt, bacteria, and viruses on the body after swimming, which is conducive to maintaining the health of the skin.If the ears are accidentally entering the water, go ashore in time. On the dry and safe ground, pat your ears (or jump on one foot) with your hands, and try to shoot the water and shake it out.

品 Use public items with caution

All your own swimming items and important items must be put independently. It is not easy to use the same as others. It is best not to use public items.Do not sit in public areas or on the ground in the middle of the way. This is unhygienic.

Swimming is a good movement, but you should also pay attention to public health.

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