Can I have a baby’s fetal fetus?

Some pregnant mothers are pregnant with their baby on the premise of contraceptive failure. They are not ready to welcome the little angels. In addition, pregnant mothers are worried that taking contraceptives will have a bad impact on the fetus.I am struggling to do it. Do you want to talk about this part of the expectant parents today? Under the premise of failure to take medicine and contraception, can the baby pregnant be able to ask for this serious topic.

The safety of oral contraceptives is internationally recognized

The medical community has always suspected that contraceptives may have an impact on the fetus.Some studies have shown that the estrogen in oral contraceptives may affect the development of the fetal immune system and increase the possibility of allergic rhinitis in the next generation.The malformation has not been confirmed that the use of contraceptives before or during pregnancy has a clear causal relationship with the various congenital malformations of the newborn.

In 1989, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally canceled the warning of "oral contraceptives is dangerous".In 2000, the World Health Organization revised the "Medical Standards for Choose for contraceptive methods", and believed that "no known impact on maternal and infants was found during pregnancy during pregnancy."

At present, the pharmacies on the market are basically a new generation of short -acting compound contraceptives. They are characterized by less hormone dosage and estrogen content at the level of 20-30 micrograms.EssenceTherefore, as long as you have menstruation after stopping the drug, you can consider pregnancy next month, and you do not have to have a flow of people after taking unexpected pregnancy.

Why does oral contraceptive failure?

The situation of many contraceptives but unexpected pregnancy is related to emergency contraceptives.If you take medicines according to the specifications of the instructions, the probability of contraceptive failure is quite low.However, some people do not take it within 72 hours after the same room as required; some people continue to live sexual life without using other contraceptive measures after eating, thinking that this medicine will continue to work; some people willUsing emergency contraceptives many times … various conditions have led to an increase in contraceptive failure.

Another situation is that the role of oral contraceptives may interact with other drugs and cause reduction of medicinal effects.For example, taking Lifu Ping’s anti -tuberculosis or phenyto -sodium anticonoring at the same time may be pregnant during the medication.Deng Minduan suggested to read the instructions for oral contraceptives in detail, which will list the lists of various drugs that affect the efficacy.

Don’t use medicine for teratogenic sensitivity period

Human pregnancy exists in a period of sensitive teratogenic: from 33 days of menopause to 12 weeks of pregnancy.Before 33 days, the fertilized eggs were divided in cells, and the number of cells continued to increase, but there was no directional differentiation into organs and tissues of heads, hands, hearts, and other tissues.Either it is particularly important to cause embryonic abortion; or it is completely okay, the embryo continues to develop without deformed.

In the period of sensitivity to teratogenic, various organs of the fetus begin to differentiate. For example, the heart development of the heart may be affected by drugs, which may cause congenital heart disease such as room interval and ventricular septal defects.After 12 weeks, the impact of the drug is relatively small, but the nervous system is still developing, and it has continued until birth. Therefore, the drug may still have a certain impact on the fetus after 12 weeks.Therefore, the use of drugs throughout the pregnancy needs to be careful: those who are available or do not use as much as possible. Users must try to choose drugs that have less impact on the fetus, and avoid use in the sensitive period of teratogenic.

According to the danger of fetal development during pregnancy, the US FDA is divided into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X.Class A is the safest, such as vitamin B1, B2, folic acid, vitamin E, etc. Class B is safer, such as most penicillin and nephrase antibiotics; Class C has a certain danger, and should be avoided as much as possible, such as aspirin, antihypertensive drug ammonia ammonia.Equality of chlorine land; category D is clearly damaged to the fetus. Pregnant women must be used when they have severe diseases, such as most anti -tumor drugs; category X is extremely dangerous and must not be used.Lipham Capital Cindy Intin and so on.

Do a good job of remedial measures but not to be blindly available

Pregnant women who take the wrong medicine in the teratogenic sensitive period are in a high -risk pregnancy state. Such pregnant mothers must do a good job during pregnancy during pregnancy. If you have any questions, ask the doctor in time.Although oral contraceptives are not threatened to the fetus, they should also be checked for caution.These examinations include B -ultrasound screening during early pregnancy (11 ~ 13 weeks), and conducting color Doppler ultrasound inspections during the middle pregnancy (20 ~ 24 weeks); the Tang’s syndrome screening during early pregnancy and middle pregnancy;Velvet biopsy; pernate puncture examination at 16 ~ 20 weeks; umbilical blood tests can be taken after 20 weeks.These later measures can effectively discover many fetal malformations or abnormal development.

Drugs and various factors can also cause some pregnant mothers to have a pioneering abortion, that is, there are a small amount of bleeding in the vagina and faint pain in the lower abdomen.Deng Minduan said that threatened abortion may be the problem of pregnant mothers themselves, such as luteal function incomplete, supplementing progesterone; it may also be that the embryo itself has problems and is eliminated by natural selection, but many pregnant mothers and family members cannot understand it.At all costs, they have to be available at all costs, but the result is against the laws of eugenics.

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