Can I have sex for sex? What are the precautions?

Pregnancy can actually have sex, but you need to know some precautions.You can also release your charm during pregnancy and have a happy life!

Can I have sexual life during pregnancy

The answer is: of course.

As long as there is no doctor clearly informing the symptoms of sexual life, we can create a romantic night with our husband.

Some pregnant mothers may want to ask: I heard that it is not possible to pop up in the early and late pregnancy?

But this statement is controversial.

• Can sexual life in early and late pregnancy?

There are two views on the mainstream medical community in the early pregnancy:

1. The fetus is unstable in the early pregnancy, and severe activities may cause miscarriage.

2. High risk risk in early pregnancy is the result of natural choice of embryos. If the quality of the embryo is not high or the influence of other factors may occur, it may have nothing to do with sexual life.

There are two views on the third trimester:

1. Sexual life may lead to premature birth. The relevant case is that her husband does not wear a suit, and prostaglandin stimulation contractions finally cause premature birth.

2. As long as there is no stimulation of prostaglandin and nipples, sexual life is safe.

No matter how controversy, the second trimester is a recognized period of safety. If you feel risky, you can enjoy the joy of sex in the middle of pregnancy.

What are the precautions for pregnant life

In summary, there are 3 points: wearing a sleeve, not stimulating the nipples, and not pressing the belly.

In addition to condoms, remember to remind the prospective dad when you are in the same room, not stimulating your nipples.Because stimulating nipples can cause uterine contraction, the uterine contraction is risk of abortion and premature birth.

It is also important to choose the right posture.

The back position, back position, back seat, male standing position, cross position, and L shape position can be selected to avoid pressing the stomach of the pregnant mother.

When discomfort occurs during the process, you can stop immediately to see if the rest can be relieved after a while.

In this special period, the prospective dad should pay special attention to more caressing and kiss, and the movement is soft, let the pregnant mother slowly relax and enter the state slowly.

Let both people enjoy this sexual sex journey during pregnancy.

It can also be very romantic during pregnancy during pregnancy ~

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