Can I lose weight during pregnancy?How to lose weight during pregnancy?

Netizens asked: "It’s been more than 5 months pregnant now, more than 30 pounds of fatter than before pregnancy, and 150. If you are born, you get 200 pounds. Think about it.Do you lose weight? I feel hungry if I do n’t eat. I really do n’t know how to eat it. ”

Harm of excessive obesity during pregnancy

If a woman is too obese after pregnancy, it will have a certain impact on the fetus. Pregnant women’s obesity can cause huge fetuses and cause complications such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy poisoning, cesarean section, postpartum bleeding, etc.

However, it is not suitable to lose weight during pregnancy, because if the pregnant mummy is diet or partial to lose weight, it may make the fetus unable to get a balanced nutrition. In addition, when the mother’s resistance is not good, it is easy to catch a cold, which will indirectly affectBaby’s health.So the best way is to control weight in the ideal standard before pregnancy.If a mother who is overweight during pregnancy, pay special attention to diet adjustment, reduce high -calorie, high -fat foods, and eat more fruits and fruits to avoid weight gain too fast. It is recommended that you ask professional nutritionists instead of using unsafe.Method to lose weight.

So, is it more appropriate to get fat during pregnancy?

According to the recommendation of the American Academy of Medical Research (IOM) in 2009, the appropriate weight growth value and growth rate during pregnancy are as follows:

Note: The physical index is usually called BMI. It is a number that is divided into a square meter with a height of the weight. It is a standard for measuring your fat and thin.For example, height is 160cm, weighs 60kg, BMI = 60 ÷ (1.60) 2 = 23.4375.When BMI is between 18.5-24.9, it means that you are the standard weight; when the BMI is lower than 18.5, it means that you are thin; BMI is overweight between 25-29.9 (international standards); BMI is obese above 30.

From the table we can see that the fatter, the more pregnant women should control their weight increase during pregnancy.

How to control weight during pregnancy?

1. Diet adjustment

Eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins and cellulose, and try to avoid intake of high -calorie, high sugar, and high salt foods.Eat more fruits and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and trace mineral elements, which can help digestion and absorption and prevent constipation.

Eat less supper.The energy consumed by the human body at night will be relatively reduced. Eat lightly as much as possible for dinner, eat less greasy food, and 2-3 hours before bedtime, it is best not to eat anymore. If you are hungry, you can eat a fruit or drink a glass of milk.Essence

You can choose fruits with low calories as snacks. Do not choose foods with high calories such as biscuits, candy, melon seeds, and fried potato chips for snacks.

2. Moderate exercise

When choosing to exercise, it is necessary to take the principle of slowness and lightness. For example, after standing for a while, you need to sit down or lie down and rest. Do not stand or walk for a long time.

Pregnant women are suitable for water exercise, including swimming and fitness exercises.Water exercise is a special type in aerobic exercise, which has great benefits to pregnant women: the buoyant of water can help pregnant women support 10 to 13 kg more than before pregnancy.Opportunities, water is better than air. Pregnant women do not have to worry about excessive body temperature.

The amount of exercise is mainly based on the body of pregnant women. In the process of exercise, if it feels uncomfortable, stop immediately, and lie down and rest. In severe cases, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

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