Can I lose weight to eat potatoes?A man only eats potatoes, and it takes 50 kg in one year

Can people who lose weight eat potatoes?

Some people think that the high starch food of potatoes will make the figure gain weight.In fact, potatoes contain only 0.1%fat, and the calories generated by 148g of potatoes are only 100 calories.

Potatoes are also rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber and potassium. Eating potatoes in moderation during weight loss can enhance gastrointestinal power and prevent constipation.

The calories of potatoes are lower than the calories of the same rice. The starch in potatoes is an resistant starch. It is a composite carbohydrate staple food. It is not easy to digest. It can provide high satiety. It can replace rice and noodles to play a effect of weight loss and effectively reduce fat.Acting can also help metabolize excess fat.

A man in Melbourne, Australia was overeating due to melancholy, and he weighed to about 152 kilograms all the way. Finally, he chose to eat potato meals for a year in order to lose weight. He did not eat other foods. After one year, he successfully lost 50 kilograms of weight.

Although his approach is extremely extreme and is not suitable for most people, we can verify the weight loss effect of potatoes from this story to verify the effect of potatoes on the side.

However, although the weight loss effect of potatoes is good, the method is critical. If you make fried potatoes, braised potatoes, and potato chips, then potatoes will absorb a large amount of oil and seasoning, the heat will soar, and the weight loss food will become a fat food.

If you are a simple cooking method, such as boiled potatoes, roasted potatoes, and steamed potatoes, food calories will be controlled, suitable for weight loss meals.

Many people eat potatoes as vegetables, which can easily lead to exceeding the standard of carbohydrates.You need to know that potatoes do not belong to vegetables, they belong to coarse grains, and they belong to potato food like Huaishan and sweet potatoes.

If you eat rice, noodles, steamed buns, and potato shreds, this way of eating can easily lead to exceeding the standard carbohydrate intake, blood sugar will rise, and fat will easily accumulate.

During weight loss, we must learn to balance dietary nutrition instead of a single diet or extreme diet. If we want to lose weight healthy, we must control the calorie in the calorie, and at the same time, the intake of carbohydrates, fat, and protein is balanced.

It is recommended that, when three meals are fixed, each dinner is a staple food, paired with a fist high -protein food, 2 fist high -fiber vegetables, such a diet is scientific.

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