Can I make up during pregnancy?Pay attention to these, you can also be a delicate hot mom during pregnancy

For the prospective mothers who love beauty

Can you make up after you are pregnant?

I am afraid that this is tangled to die

I don’t want to face the sky, unkempt

I am also worried that cosmetics will harm the baby’s baby

Mom in pregnancy

Can you make up?

Could it be said after pregnancy

The expectant mothers are destined to be "yellow -faced wife"?

"Face" during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels and metabolism, the skin is more vulnerable than usual, and pregnant mothers can use basic skin care products.As long as it is a skin care product of regular manufacturers, it is basically available.In winter, the skin is relatively dry, and it is necessary to use moisturizing skin care products.However, if the cosmetics contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium (often adding white agents in cosmetics), it should still be avoided.

At present, studies have confirmed that different vitamin A acid and salicylate may cause teratogenic growth and development of the fetus, so such drugs should be avoided throughout pregnancy.

Except for oral administration, it is commonly used in oral administration. Many external preparations. Many ointments, masks, etc. with acne effects may contain this ingredient.Salmonic acid is most common in solution or emulsifiers, such as acne reinforcement water, or deep cleaning milk.Therefore, when choosing skin care products with the treatment effect, pregnant mothers need to check the instructions carefully.

Careful use of makeup

Pregnant mothers usually try to use as small makeup as much as possible. If you want to use makeup, try to choose products without special fragrance and natural color.It is best not to make makeup during lactation, not because makeup will enter the milk, but because when the mother hugs the baby and pro -baby, it will make the baby come into contact with makeup.Inspector, spices, pigments, lead and other substances are generally added to makeup. After the baby touchs the mother’s face, entering the baby’s belly by sucking his fingers can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.And the baby’s skin is very delicate, and allergies may occur after contacting cosmetics.

Nail polish carefully

Pregnant mothers try to avoid using nail polish.Nail polish contains a variety of harmful substances, such as metershopine, formaldehyde, acetone, and collar phenyl acid fat.Among them, phenyl acid fats can enter the body through the skin and respiratory system, which may affect the development of male treasure’s reproductive system.

The current research on fetal deformity of phenyl acid fat is not mature.However, pregnant mothers should try to avoid using nail polish.In addition, most nail shops are closed space. The air flow is poor, the nail polish is volatile and strong, and the taste is strong and pungent.Ordinary people may have nothing, but pregnant mothers may feel nausea, vomiting, and hypoxia.

The most important question is whether the cleaning tools of nail shops have gone through a regular disinfection process? Is it one person and one person? Once the disease is caused by the skin damage, it may endanger the fetus for pregnant mothers.If the cleaning tool is not disinfected well, it may spread that hepatitis A and hepatitis B virus … so be careful whether it is pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Select hair dyeing, perm cautious

Pregnant mothers do not say that they cannot be dyed or perm at all.But don’t do hair without hair.Under normal circumstances, there will be no accidents to choose a regular barber shop and use qualified hairdressing products.Qualified hairdressing products are absorbed by scalp and affect the amount of fetus.If you really do your hair, don’t worry about harming your baby.


1. "Pure natural plant hair dye" is not necessarily pure natural, even if it is pure natural, it does not mean harmless.

2. It is best not to do hair and perm.It is difficult to ensure that the materials for perm and hair dye must be qualified, just in case, it is best not to make hair during pregnancy.

Warm reminder: Bao moms can do basic skin care during pregnancy.Try to choose moisturizing water milk when choosing skin care products.Mom can make a light makeup when going out.

During the pregnancy, we can all consult the doctor’s suggestions and exercise appropriately, such as doing some yoga, hurry up, and to maintain a healthy posture;Make a one -time wave roll with curly hair sticks, simple and beautiful, and it does not hurt the skin.

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