Can I play mobile phones during pregnancy?How big is mobile phone radiation, will it affect the baby?

You can’t play your mobile phone when you are pregnant, your mobile phone is too big!A long time ago, this statement was circulated in people’s mouths!Maybe until now, when I am pregnant, there may still be father -in -law, mother -in -law, and parents that I can’t play mobile phones when pregnancy!Can I play mobile phones in pregnancy?How big is the mobile phone, will it affect the baby?

It is not recommended to use mobile phones for a long time, but mobile phones can be used for a long time.In fact, it is not recommended to play mobile phones for a long time. Most of the reasons are because playing mobile phones for a long time will cause pregnant women to cause fatigue and affect the quality of rest.Because most of the current mobile phones are said to have some radiation, it is not serious, and it will affect the baby’s point casually.However, for the baby’s health, the use of mobile phones in pregnancy should still pay attention to the following things.

First of all, the first three months of pregnancy to pregnancy is as little as possible, because at this time, the baby is not enough, and some external factors still easily affect the development of the baby.In the second and second trimester, you can use your mobile phone. You must not be used for more than an hour each time. Rest in the middle for more than half an hour to prevent the use of mobile phones from being too fatigue.

Use your mobile phone, pay attention to the method.Under normal circumstances, brush a short video and watch the TV series, in fact, the impact on pregnant women will not have great.When the mobile phone radiation is the most, it is when the ear sticker is tested. At this time, radiation is about 10 to 20 times the usual time. If you answer the phone for a long time, the radiation will still be dangerous. It is recommended to call the headset.And don’t take too long.When you do n’t use your mobile phone, try not to put your mobile phone around you, especially when you sleep at night, most people may like to put their mobile phones on the pillow. This may still affect the baby for a long time.

When the baby is developing, if it is greatly radiated, it will indeed have a greater impact on the baby.But usually using mobile phones in a short time will basically not have any impact!The radiation of mobile phones is not as horrible in the mouth, but it is a little radiation in the end, so you should pay attention to the above matters. Use your mobile phone correctly during pregnancy!

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