Can I raise a dog in the end? It’s time to change the wrong concept of changing the error

Because I am pregnant, I am afraid of being dyed with a bow type.And abandoning dogs raised at home, or not touching them, is a very foolish approach.Why do you say this way.Let’s start with the transmission of bow -type worms.

There are two ways of communication:

1. Cats and dog man’s bowls, polluting water or things in infection; people are in contact with or eat raw or unfamiliar meat containing contaminated bags.

2. The only way to enter the human body is: food and wound contact.(Now it is confirmed that blood transfusion may also be infected with bow type worms)

So keep the bow -type worm away from you, it is actually very simple, as long as two points are achieved:

1. Eat cooked meat;

2. Wash your hands before eating;

If you raise dogs, try not to be too intimate to prevent it from grasping the skin.Don’t let it lick your face.If you have contact, wash it.Talking about dog color changes is ignorance and shallow manifestation.

But some people have already said that try not to raise it.It is true that dogs need time, energy, and love.Although it can bring a lot of happiness, there are many troubles.What should I do if I have raised it?That is to raise it. The dog has nothing but the owner except the owner.An abandoned dog has a sense of distance to people, and it is difficult to trust others.Don’t find a stepmother for the biology that loves you, and abandonment should not be.Those who are about to be parents, if they are not responsible for a small creature, it is difficult to imagine a sense of responsibility.

Gow -shaped worms cannot feel caused by a parasitic of a bow -shaped worm. Gow -shaped worm infection around the world is very common. Among the adults of the United States and Britain, about 16-40%of the infection occurs, and some investigations are 70%.Adults on the mainland and Latin America have experienced infection 50 ~ 80%, and the French are as high as 90%.From 1985 to 90, the surveys of 23 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in my country were below 10%, which is obviously lower than foreign countries.

Most normal people infected infection of Toxoplasma insects have no symptoms, or their symptoms are mild. I do n’t know when it was infected. Only a few people were infected (or primary infection) when they were infected (or primary infection).With abdominal pain, a few days or weeks later, as the human body develops immunity, the symptoms are hours, but the pockets formed in the body exist in the body for several months, several years, or longer, and generally heal itself.However, patients with severe immune defects, such as AIDS people, have serious consequences if infection occurs.Pregnant women can be transmitted to the fetus and may also have serious consequences.

How does pregnant women prevent hormone infections?

First, pay attention to diet hygiene. The meat should be fully cooked to avoid raw meat polluted cooked food.

Second, cats should be raised at home and feed cooked or finished cat food to prevent them from predating outside.Because cat’s infection is infected with infected mice or birds, or food polluting cat dung.

Third, pay attention to daily hygiene, remove cats’ feces every day, and wash your hands carefully after exposing animals.

Fourth, unless the serum examination of pregnant women has been infected, pregnant women should avoid contact with cats and their feces during pregnancy.

Fifth, there are many simple and effective drugs for infection of Toxoplasma, such as sulfa, pyrine, and spiithromycin. Treatment must be performed according to the doctor’s order. Pregnant women infection can reduce the chance of fetal infection in time.

Every mother wants to give her children the best environment for growth, which is human.Unfortunately, most gynecological doctors do not understand the sciences of animals at home, but just blindly advise mothers to stay away from pets, or even alarmist, causing unnecessary panic.Blindly send away the harmless dog away, the dogs will be afraid, melancholy, health and temperament will deteriorate.The old owner will also damage health due to thoughts and guilt, which is an unnecessary tragedy.Before preparing to be a mother, a dog raising should do a TORCH test (Note: TORCH refers to the pathogen that can lead to the deformed inferiority in the infection of congenital palace and the perinatal infection.Among them, T (Toxopasma) is a bowworm, R (Rubella.virus) is a rubella virus, C (cytomegalo.virus) is giant cells, and H (Herpes.virus) is a herpes zoster I/II).The test of the bowworm is one of the four items it contains.If the Torch’s inspection report shows the infected bow -shaped worms, you can welcome the baby’s arrival at ease; but if the results are infected, you cannot get pregnant for the time being.Gow -shaped worms mainly exist in the stomach of the stray cat, and there are generally no cats.If you have raised cats for many years, then even if you have been infected, antibodies have been produced in the body.

Generally speaking, the most important hazard of pets to pregnant women is to be transmitted by cat dung, which may cause fetal malformation.Because Toxoplasma can be used through the blood, placenta, uterus, amniotic fluid, vagina, etc., which causes embryo or fetal infection. Parents with pets should be checked before pregnancy to avoid badness caused by future badness in the future.result.

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