Can I raise a dog when I am pregnant? What are the precautions for pregnant women in the family?

Many people now like to raise dogs at home, but when the woman is pregnant, many people think that the dogs carry a lot of germs, which is easily transmitted to pregnant women.For the health of pregnant women, I have to give my dog or foster care.Can’t you really raise dogs when you are pregnant?The following editors will tell you if you can raise dogs when you are pregnant.

1. Can you raise a dog if you are pregnant?

Nowadays, the rescue station will receive dogs that are not raised because of pregnancy almost every year. These poor dogs have changed from pet dogs to stray dogs.In fact, many older generations have a concept: as long as the daughter -in -law at home is pregnant, they cannot raise dogs.No matter what kind of dog is needed, it will be infected by parasites on the dog, which will cause abortion.But in fact, you can raise dogs during pregnancy, and parasites are not infected so easily.

The dissemination channel of Toxoplasma is mainly through animal feces, as well as cows, sheep and pork that have not yet cooked cows.Animals that are infected with Toxoplasma may have an eggs out of the body through feces.Then these feces were touched by pregnant women within 24 hours. At this time, they were likely to infection with toxoplasma. Therefore, the chance of infection with animals was very, very small.

Therefore, it is still possible to raise dogs during pregnancy, but you need to pay attention to hygiene and safety issues.

2. What are the precautions for adopting dogs at home?

If you want to raise a dog, pregnant women usually need to pay attention to hygiene in life, resolutely not eat raw meat, and the chance of being infected is very, very small.Of course, if you are worried, you can go to a hormone test before pregnancy.In addition, the following points need to be achieved:

1. Check in advance

Before planning to get pregnant, take a dog to the pet hospital for a bow -shaped worm inspection. If there is no toxoplasma, the dog is very healthy; if you check that there are bow -shaped worms, you should be treated immediately.

Specific mothers and prospective dads can also go to the hospital for bow -shaped insects.

2. Conscious "cold" dog

Of course, the "neglecting" mentioned here is not regardless of the dog.Some friends at first getting along with dogs are intimate, such as touching, hugs, dogs licking their faces, etc. Although some stars also contact the dogs when they are pregnant, it is best to be with the dog when I am pregnant.Keep a distance and eliminate close contact. Sometimes when the dog comes over, you can drink it loudly. After a few minutes, you can gently say to the dog that you can’t contact it.Baby, dogs are very spiritual, and gradually, it also knows "keeping distance".

3. Try not to go out to walk the dog

Dogs are in good nature and like outdoor environment, but I rarely take it out to play during my pregnancy, mainly because it is afraid that it is infected with bacteria or parasites.

4. Hygiene at home

Dog toys and dog nests should be washed and exposed to the sun. The dog food pots and dogs drink water to clean them once a day, giving the dog vaccine needle at least once a year.

Can I raise a dog when I am pregnant?In summary, you can still raise dogs after pregnancy, but you need to clarify the precautions of dogs to avoid the hidden safety hazards, and dogs are still not a problem.

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