Can I raise pets during pregnancy?Tell you one by one

For many people, pets have become an important part of the family. Whether they are happy or sad, they will accompany themselves. It can be said that it has raised feelings.So, when others tell you: When you can’t raise cats and dogs, what do you think?

You can’t raise cats and dogs when you are pregnant, otherwise you will be infected with toxoplasma.Many elders have warned Mom and Dad.But is there a scientific basis for this sentence?Can I raise pets during pregnancy?Actually, can.As long as you can do the following five points, you can continue to raise pets during pregnancy.

1. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination

I believe that many parents will go to the hospital for examination before preparing for pregnancy, so why not do a check for their pets by the way?Before preparing for pregnancy, you can do a check for both pregnant mothers and pets to check whether there are bowwormgles, whether the vaccine is effective, etc. If the pet is not infected with a bowworm, you can continue to raise it. Do it in the next day.Just prevent it.

2. Do not contact animal feces during pregnancy

Many animals are infected with Toxoplasma, but only cats are the hosts of Toxoplasma, which also requires additional attention.However, this is not to say that it cannot be raised. Generally speaking, the probability of hac -shaped gang -shaped gang -shaped horses who are carefully taken care of at home are very low.Moreover, even if a cat suffers from Toxoplasma, cats who are infected with Toxoplasma for the first time will spread the eggs in the initial two weeks.The insect eggs in cat feces must be "hatched" day and night to be contagious, and it is possible to be infected when it is exposed to food contaminated by such feces.You see, it is not so easy to infected the toxoplasma worm.

However, on insurance, during the pregnancy, expectant mothers should try not to contact pets’ feces, and take care of pets to the prospective father!

3. Don’t feed pets raw

Even if the bow -shaped worm is not mentioned, there are many bacteria contained in raw food.So try to eat cooked food as much as possible.Otherwise, pets are prone to infection, and the other is easily transmitted to the owner.Therefore, in terms of food, shovel officials should pay attention!

4. Pregnant mothers do not eat raw cold

With the development of society, various dishes are often more common in life. It seems to be seen everywhere.But pregnant mothers can’t eat these cold things, otherwise it is easy to be infected!

5. Clean

Washing your hands before and after meals, you must clean it diligently. The clean body can resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention at this point.If you touch your pet, wash your hands is even more important.

During pregnancy, you can still keep pets. The point is to prevent prevention, so as to be safer!

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