Can I see the dentist when I am pregnant?The Guide to the Tentacle During Pregnancy is coming

As the saying goes: "The collapse of adults starts from an unpredictable toothache." Especially when you encounter oral problems during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are unable to do it and can only endure it.However, instead of being a "Ninja Turtle", it is better to pay attention to your oral health at the beginning.

Oral examinations must be performed before pregnancy

Oral disease not only causes pregnant mothers to be tortured during pregnancy, but also affects the formation and development of fetal teeth. Severe oral bacteria and metabolic products in the blood of the mother’s blood of the mother can break through the placenta barrier, trigger immune and inflammation, and cause the fetus to the fetus.Stress leads to the occurrence of premature birth and low body.Therefore, it is better to get started early and find a way to solve it.

Oral diseases common during pregnancy


Gingivitis during pregnancy

Common periodontal problems are gingival inflammation. This is due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, which makes gums bleeding and redness, brushing teeth is easy to bleed, and occasionally feels pain and discomfort.These symptoms will not happen every pregnant mother. If so, it usually begins to appear in the second month of pregnancy. In the eighth month, the concentration of secretion of hormones will reach the peak will become more serious.


Dental caries

Dental caries are the tooth decay we usually call, and it is also the oral disease that pregnant mothers are very easy to recruit.Because the vomiting reaction in the early pregnancy will reduce the amount of saliva and the acidity in saliva increases.In addition, pregnant women consume a lot of sugar, and bacterial metabolism produces acid to corrode the teeth, causing caries.Moreover, bacteria that cause caries, such as deformed link bacteria, can be passed to the fetus through the mother, increasing the child’s caries.


Wisdom tooth Crown Zhou Yan

Wisdom tooth crown Zhou inflammation refers to the soft tissue inflammation around the wisdom tooth crown.Because the wisdom teeth do not grow well or hindered, there will be gaps between the soft tissue and teeth in the mouth. Food residues, saliva and bacteria will be easily accumulated in the gap. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, the bacteria will reproduce soon.Cross -crown inflammation.

The incidence of wisdom tooth crowns during pregnancy is several times higher than usual. Pregnant mothers are more likely to induce inflammation because of special physiological and estrogen secretion.



Periodontitis is more serious than gingivitis. Many studies have shown that periodontitis is an independent risk factor that occurred in low -weight and low -weight children.And if you have periodontitis before pregnancy, it is very easy to relapse during pregnancy.

And during pregnancy, even if mothers do not have symptoms of periodontitis, teeth may be loose (one of the manifestations of periodontitis), because rising progesterone and estrogen levels will affect periodontal tissue.

But this situation does not have to worry too much. It is generally temporary. After delivery, the teeth loosening will be relieved as the mothers’ hormone levels recover.


Gingival tumor during pregnancy

After 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women will cause vascular lesions under local stimulation such as high progesterone values and bacteria, which are called pregnancy gingival tumors.The clinical manifestation is the swelling of the gums between the two adjacent teeth, the color is dark red, the surface of the gums is smooth, and it is easy to bleed when chewing.

If there are no obvious symptoms, it is recommended to observe the mother during pregnancy. After delivery, gingival tumors may slowly retreat.However, if the rupture of bleeding is severe, interfere with the daily lives of mothers, or if it does not fade after childbirth, it is necessary to surgery for treatment.

Oral treatment during pregnancy must be understood


Early pregnancy: the first 3 months of pregnancy

Three months before pregnancy, embryo organs began to differentiate, which is a sensitive period of teratogenic. In order to avoid the effects of bacteria causing mothers and oral surgery on the fetus, in order to avoid the impact of excessive mental stress of pregnant mothers and oral surgeryWaiting for dental surgery.


In the middle of pregnancy: 4 to 6 months of pregnancy

For 4 to 6 months of pregnancy, the embryo organs have been developed, but the size of the fetus is small, and the activity of pregnant mothers is relatively convenient. It is a period of good conventional dental treatment.In general, pregnant mothers can do some needy dental diseases that are urgently needed, but it is not advisable to perform major oral treatment surgery.


Late pregnancy: 3 months after pregnancy

The fetal development of the fetus 3 months after pregnancy has accelerated compared with the middle period, and the volume of the fetus increases significantly. The supine posture of pregnant mothers on dental therapy chairs can easily compress the fetus to the lower cavity vein, which makes the blood flow in poor blood flow.This period is suitable for gingivitis and dental root inflammation to do emergency treatment first, and then perform installment treatment to minimize the diagnosis and treatment time.Global treatment can be temporarily slow, and treatment is performed after delivery.

But no matter what stage of pregnancy, once the pregnant mothers have oral problems, they are recommended to seek medical treatment in time.Because the more timely intervention of oral problems, the easier it is to solve it, and the smaller the impact on health. If it is dragged, it is likely to drag small problems into big trouble.

Oral care should be performed correctly during pregnancy

When "hitting" various oral problems during pregnancy, it will inevitably bring many troubles and troubles to pregnant mothers.Therefore, it is better to get started early and find a way to solve it.

Prevention work starts from preparing for pregnancy

During pregnancy, oral examination must be done.Because oral diseases are usually developing rapidly, regular examination can ensure early discovery and early treatment, which limits the lesion to a small range.If you are not pregnant, you can’t do your oral examination before pregnancy. Don’t worry too much. Just arrange oral examination as soon as possible.

Scientific brushing is important

Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy. It is recommended that expectant mothers use fluorine toothpaste to brush their teeth carefully every morning and evening. Each brushing time is more than 3 minutes, and it is best to use tools such as dental floss, toothner, tooth brush; After eating each time, it is best to rinse your mouth with water to help clean your mouth.

Balanced nutrition

Each pregnant mother should consume sufficient nutrition. In addition to protein, vitamin A, D, C, and some inorganic objects such as calcium and phosphorus are also very important, because these can not only play a role in protecting the mother, so that the body tissue is to the body tissue againstThe ability to repair damage is also very helpful for the development of the fetus’s teeth.

Correct diet

In addition, expectant mothers should also pay attention to controlling the intake of sweets.Foods with high sugar content often not only are not conducive to the control of expectant mothers, but also increase the risk of dental caries.

Remove oral odor during pregnancy

For pregnant mothers, oral health is important, but sometimes there are some embarrassing situations, such as worsening oral odor, it seems that the air has become bad.Facing these small problems, pregnant mothers can reduce the symptoms of oral odor through the following ways:

01 often rinse, drink plenty of water

Rinse your mouth often, you can remove the bad odor in your mouth, or you can prepare some lignol gum to remove the odor in the mouth, and pay attention to the oral hygiene before and after the diet, so that the unpleasant tone can now be avoided.

02 Avoid spicy and cold food

In order to take into account the changes and hobbies of pregnant women, all kinds of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy foods can be consumed during pregnancy, but they should avoid eating too spicy food.More heavier.

03 Clean tongue coating regularly

When the pregnant mother’s mouth appears strange, you can clean the tongue coating by the way after brushing, and completely remove the food left on the tongue, which helps eliminate the odor in the mouth and restores the tongue taste buds to the correct taste of taste.Instead of eating the taste of food, the heavier and heavier.

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