Can I still do housework after pregnancy?These 4 kinds of unsuitable housework, expectant mothers try to stay away from

In many families, pregnant women are the key protection targets of family members. After all, there is a baby in the stomach of pregnant mothers who take care of the pregnant mother. Only the fetus in the pregnant mother can develop better, so many pregnant mothers haveForbidden to do housework, for fear of getting tired.

So can pregnant mothers do housework after pregnancy?In fact, it is possible to do it properly for the pregnant mother. It is possible to do some relaxed housework. This can not only exercise the body, but also help the relaxation of the mood, and avoid too nervous emotions.

However, not all housework can continue to do after pregnancy. These four kinds of housework that is not suitable for pregnant mothers, expectant mothers should try to stay away from as much as possible.

Xiaodie is a pregnant mother who is almost 8 months pregnant.Since pregnancy, her husband has been particularly nervous about Xiaodie. She has not let her do anything, and even quit her job.

The housework and cooking of the family are also her husband’s bag, which always let Xiaodie lie down and rest, for fear that she will be tired, but Xiaodie has a bit enough for this kind of time to be served.

It ’s been a long time to lie down. Xiaodie felt that it was getting more and more mentally. In addition, the inspection of the production of the production showed that the baby was healthy, especially when I saw the housework of her husband’ s housework.At home, Xiaodie thought about cleaning the ash of the roof of the shed.

But not long after working, Xiaodie felt a little pain in his stomach, and accompanied by tightness for a while. She thought that she would be broken. I am afraid that she would not have a premature birth!After arriving at the hospital, the doctor said that there were no major problems. It was necessary to rest because of the time when he was working. Xiaodie and her husband felt afraid of it for a while.

In fact, there are many pregnant mothers like Xiaodie. After pregnancy, I always feel unwilling to be taken care of too much. I think I can still do a lot of work and always like stubbornness.

But in fact, many living are not suitable for pregnant mothers during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy and early pregnancy. The pregnant mother’s belly in the third trimester is too large and it is easy to encounter the belly.Need a pregnant mother to recuperate.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must be the most important for babies in their stomachs, and do not threaten the safety of themselves and the baby because of their stubbornness.

1. Hall of housework

Some housework that needs to be high is absolutely unable to touch, and not to mention that once it does not stand down, it will cause unimaginable consequences, and it is also easy to sting.

At the same time, there are more dust in the heights. After all, the heights in the home are not often cleaned, and it is also easy to stimulate the respiratory tract of pregnant mothers.

2. Housework that needs to bend over for a long time

Especially in the third trimester, the stomach of the pregnant mother is significantly increased, and the housework that needs to bend over for a long time will be done. The load of the belly will cause the pregnant mother to be too tired, the waist will be affected, and the baby in the stomach is not good.

3. Make up some heavy things

Some pregnant mothers have no family or friends when they are shopping, so they raise their own things. However, this approach is very dangerous and can easily lead to danger. Therefore, the pregnant mother should try to help when he needs to hold heavy objects. Don’t be embarrassed to speak.

4. Avoid standing for a long time

Although pregnant mothers also need appropriate activities, such as a short walk, but to avoid standing for a long time, because the waist strength may be difficult to support the larger belly for a long time, and the pregnant mother will easily appear dizzy.

Intimate message:

The safety of the pregnant mother is directly related to the development and safety of the fetus, so the pregnant mother must protect themselves, do not stubbornly, must learn to request the help of others in time, and avoid some places that are not suitable for themselves to avoid accidents from accidents.Essence

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