Can I still enjoy the potato chips?Don’t worry, the virus is difficult to survive at high temperature production

On June 21, Beijing announced that the Beijing Daxing Branch of Pepsi Company was suspended due to the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia. Many consumers had questions about whether Pepsi could drink and whether Lexue potato chips could eat.

Ruan Guangfeng, the director of the Science and Technology Department of the Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, analyzed the reporter of the Beijing News that there is no reliable evidence that the food can spread the new crown, and the potato chips are produced at high temperature, and the virus is difficult to survive in such an environment.Even if the product’s outer packaging may be exposed to the virus, the chance of survival is very low.Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much. Happy Fat House can continue to drink, and delicious potato chips can continue to eat as snacks.

Drinks: Diagnosis Factory does not produce Pepsi and other beverages

According to the information of the 128th period of the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control on June 21, a food company in Suncun Township, Daxing District found a total of 8 confirmed cases, two of them had purchased the market for Xinfa.It was confirmed by Pepsi Corporation.

On June 21, a reporter from the Beijing News saw on the outer packaging of Lesli Potato chips that there were 3 factories that produced Lesliocar chips, including Pepsi Food (China) Co., Ltd., Pepsi Food (China) Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch.And this time mentioned by the Beijing Branch of Pepsi Food (China) Co., Ltd., which is mentioned in Ciwei Road, Suncun Township, Daxing District, Beijing.

On the afternoon of June 21, a statement issued by Pepsi China on Weibo also confirmed that the nationwide pneumonial factories, including Beijing Pepsi Coca -Cola, including Beijing Pepsi Coca -Products, have not found any new crown pneumonia.Case.The production and operation of the Pepsi beverage filling plant has been carried out in an orderly manner, and has not stopped production. Pepsi all -series beverage products meet the national standards and have been supplied normally according to law.The factory where the Beijing New Crown Conference notified the epidemic case was only a Piban Food Branch located at No. 1 Ciwei Road, Daxing District, Beijing, and it never produced any beverage products.

Excluding the possibility of Pepsi cola being polluted, the fat house happy water cola can rest assured to drink.

Potato chips: Virus is difficult to survive in high temperature production

Coca -Cola is safe, so what about potato chips?The factory that appears in the case of diagnosis is mainly produced by grain processing, puffed foods, etc. This includes products such as Lesli Potato Chips.

Netizens are worried that potato chips will be contaminated with viruses during the production process?On June 21, Ruan Guangfeng, the director of the Science and Technology Department of the Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, told reporters from the Beijing News that there is no reliable evidence that food can spread a new crown.The official opinions of all countries and international organizations in the world believe that the new crown virus is unlikely to spread through food.Most of the production links of modern factories do not require manual contact. Basically, they are mechanized and canned. The whole process requires sterile operations and seal packaging.In addition, during the production process, potato chips must be fried at high temperature, and viruses are difficult to survive in such an environment.

"Even if the employee has the opportunity to contact, the virus may only fall in the outer packaging, but the virus has a low chance and time on food packaging. You know, the outer packaging of potato chips is dry. Even if the employee is exposed to potato chips, etc.There is a virus on the packaging. It takes a period of time to make potato chips from production and factory to consumers. The virus can survive and have the possibility of infectious human ability. "Ruan Guangfeng analyzed.

Ruan Guangfeng also emphasized that the possibility of food transmission of viruses is very small. If you usually pay attention to the "five main points of food safety" (keep clean, sparsely open, cooked, keep food safety temperature, use safe water and raw materials), you don’t have to worry.

In addition, according to the introduction of Fan Zhimin, the director of the enterprise of the Greater China Group Affairs Department of Pepsi Corporation, the introduction of the results of the test results immediately stopped production, the entire factory eliminated, closed all the inventory, prohibited outside, and it was prohibited from being prohibited from outside.Yun, June 15 and June 20, the company conducted two comprehensive environmental killing of the cafeteria, locker rooms, workshops, toilets, and assembly line work areas.On June 16, the Disease Control and Prevention Center of Beijing Daxing District was applied to the internal and external environment of the Pepsi factory, and the results were negative.

Beijing News reporter Wang Ziyang

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