Can I still exercise during pregnancy?Dr. Chen tells you

I often hear the most discussing topics between expectant mothers is how to maintain her figure.Presumably everyone thinks that the shape of the body during pregnancy is inevitable. In fact, during pregnancy, you can also use good living habits to keep your body beautiful, and it will help recovery postpartum!

Quick walking is the most suitable fatigue exercise for pregnant mothers. If you use a slightly larger step distance than usual than usual, and at the same time, you can tighten your hips during the walking process, you can harvest better fat loss and weight loss effects.Even more beautifully, the hips every day can also improve the muscle strength of your waist and abdomen and thighs, which is conducive to childbirth.Specific mothers can slowly increase from walking to fast walking. You can prepare a pair of sneakers. Choose a softer sole and flat pavement to prevent the ankle sprained at the gravity of the ground friction during pregnancy.The PU runway of the school playground is a place that is very suitable for expectant mothers.

Before walking, expectant mothers should remember to stretch their bodies first to avoid exercise damage, and do not have to force themselves to achieve what kind of exercise intensity. It can go faster than usual.Take 15 minutes every day. If the physical license can increase to 30 minutes, as long as you feel the heartbeat accelerated, it will have the effect of exercise.Specific mothers should usually develop the habit of exercise. Not because of pregnancy. In addition to helping expectant mothers in the pregnancy, it can also improve blood circulation, alleviate intravenous veins and lower limb edema during pregnancy, and maintain body figure.

When doing the exercise of fast walking, pay attention to the control of time. Generally, walk for 5 minutes, walk slowly for 2 minutes, and alternately. The key is to control the speed of walking. At the same time-60 minutes of walking exercise, the general walking period is in the afternoon or evening.The oxygen in the air at this time is the most.

In addition, properly practicing yoga during pregnancy can also help relieve mothers’ pregnancy discomfort during pregnancy, adjust their mentality, and help regain their birth and restore their body shape after childbirth.

Pregnant women’s yoga has different treatment methods for breathing methods and asanas, and there are different settings according to the progress of pregnancy, which is the perfect combination of modern medicine and yoga.At present, it is considered the most suitable exercise for pregnant women, whether pre -pregnancy preparation, pregnancy health care or postpartum recovery.

Pregnant women’s yoga is a very professional field, and it is necessary to practice under the guidance of rigorously trained yoga coaches.Therefore, it is restricted by factors such as venue teachers, but conditional mothers can still do dripping.

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