Can I still get pregnant after a ligation surgery?How long can I get pregnant after the fallopian tubal reciprocating?

The fallopian tube is an important part of women’s genitals. Its appearance is two slender and curved tubes. It has an important role in transporting sperm, ingestion of eggs, and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity.

Popularly speaking, only the fallopian tubes are unblocked can sperm can find Miss Eggs and bred a healthy baby.

Due to the family planning policy in the early years, many women chose "fallopian tube ligation" surgery after giving birth to a baby, permanent contraception.

Ms. Wu is the secretary of a public institution. She is 40 years old and is a national civil servant. In response to the national call, she had a fallopian tube ligation surgery after giving birth to her daughter!When the country opened the second child policy, the family and her wanted to regenerate a child, and a child was too lonely!However, a decision of that year has caused the whole family to fall into a deadlock. After all, Ms. Wu’s fallopian tube ligation has been for more than ten years!

Ms. Wang, 39 years old, remarried after divorce a few years ago. After marriage, she always wanted to have a child for her husband.However, Ms. Wang has performed bilateral fallopian tubes. If she wants to regenerate a child, she has to clear the fallopian tube.

With the remarry of the two -child policy or after divorce, many families have a re -fertility plan, which makes it difficult for female friends who have previously carried out tubal ligation.

So, can I restore after ligation?

One day after the ligation, can I regret it, can I still regenerate?

Diagnosis diagram of fallopian tubes

Experts from our hospital said: Although the ligation surgery is called sterilization, it only prevents the combination of sperm and eggs, which has no effect on other women’s organs and endocrine functions.

So, do you just need to loosen the ligation position and re -clear the fallopian tube to conceive your baby?

This view is wrong.

The tubal ligation and complication are orthopedic surgery. The scar of the original ligation site is removed. The fallopian tube is restored through the fallopian tube synergy, the presection, or the corner migration surgery.

The chance of success in surgery depends mainly on the location of the fallopian tube, the degree of damage and the technology of the doctor.

1. Drotp upon a birthplace

The location of the fallopian tubes may be in the gorge, the belly of the pot, or the end of the umbrella.The thickness of the fallopian tubes in these positions is different, and the difficulty of repairing is different.

Among them, the repair of the pot belly is the lowest, followed by the gorge, followed by the most difficulty in repairing the end of the umbrella.The lower the difficulty, the higher the chance of success, and vice versa.

2. Donestion damage level

The way of fallopian tubal births mainly includes four types: shearing, removal, line tie, and silver clip. Different methods have different degrees of damage to the fallopian tube. Some may be cut and burned with electricity to destroy the inner diameter, and some even remove a section of fallopian tubes.

Diagram of the fallopian tube birthplace birthplace

The smaller the damage of the fallopian tube, the lower the difficulty of repair, and the higher the chance of surgery; the greater the damage, the greater the difficulty of repair, the lower the chance of surgery.

3. Doctor’s technical level

The fallopian tubes are very fine, so the re -operation surgery has high requirements for doctors.Only when the doctor has a high level of medical skills and rich experience, and each step is accurate, can the ligated fallopian tubes be seamlessly connected, and there will be no problems such as inflammation, adhesion, and water accumulation. Finally, the ability to transport eggs will be restored.If the doctor’s clinical experience is not abundant and the operation level is not skilled, it may not be able to connect the fallopian tube, or cause damage to the fallopian tube and adjacent organs during the operation, resulting in postoperative fallopian tube function cannot be restored to normal, induced other fallopian tube diseases, which causes postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative postoperative surgeryCan’t conceive.It also needs to perform necessary recuperation after surgery to help its functions return to normal as soon as possible.Therefore, it is necessary to go to a professional hospital to find a professional hospital and find a doctor with superb medical skills. The chance of success is high, and the chance of pregnancy after repair is high.

How to check the degree of birth and damage?

After the menstruation is clean 2-7 days, do a dynamic digital uterine fallopian tubal angiography technology, and you can understand the breeding method, location, damage degree and the current health of the fallopian tube. Combined with these factors, you can know the chance of success and the chance of fallopian tube repair surgery andAfter surgery, the chance of pregnancy.

Can I still repair it for many years?

Some women are older and have been bred for more than ten years, and they are worried that the fallopian tubes will not be repaired.In fact, the effect of age and birth time on tubes does not have much effect on tubal tubes.

Our hospital also visited many elderly women over 40 years old. After repairing the fallopian tubes, they both pregnant with their babies.

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