Can I still get pregnant after abortion?Two or more you have to be careful reporter Wang Nan, a trainee, reporter Lan Jingran, correspondent Lin Huifang reported: Raising children requires costs, and having children can test physical fitness.In such a fast -paced life, some expectant mothers were careful, but they still did not protect the baby in the stomach. The shadow of "abortion" was shrouded in her heart and lingering.Regarding the "abortion pregnancy", Wu Jing, chief physician of the prenatal diagnosis center of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, had something to say to the mothers.

"Human pregnancy statistics are about 50%-60%of the end of failure." Wu Jing said.The incidence of abortion is very high, and its performance is also divided into explicitity and hiddenness.Expressive abortion is often manifested as embryonic stopping; and the performance of hidden abortion may only be delayed menstruation or a large number of menstrual flow, which is usually difficult to detect.

Wu Jing reminded: "Each woman may experience a miscarriage once, but if there are more than two consecutive times, be careful." Abortion is not a bad thing. In fact, half of the miscarriage is a problem with the fetus and is naturally eliminated. Avoid abnormalities.Baby.In addition to the baby’s own bad, there are many other reasons for miscarriage. On the one hand, it may be inherited; secondly, the function of the endocrine system is also influencing, such as the luteal function of the ovaries, and the endocrine hormone of the thyroid gland.The uterus is an environment for children to grow. If the uterine attachment of the anatomical structure of women is deformity, it is also prone to abortion.There are also immune functional disorders. Half of the child’s genetic source comes from father. Dad is a foreign body for mothers, but why embryos can grow and develop in the mother’s body because the immune mechanism is protecting it.If there is a problem with the maternal immune mechanism, the embryo may be judged by the maternal immune system as an abnormal, which is rejected.If the mother’s coagulation has obstacles, it will also cause insufficient nutritional supply of the embryo and lead to abortion.

In short, the reasons for miscarriage are reviewed. If the abortion occurs more than 2 times, the aborted specialty is required to check the causes and avoid the next pregnancy.

If women have not been pregnant after many abortion, there may be two factors: abortion or infertility, and they need to be diagnosed separately.

Among them, the reasons for recurrent abortion are very complicated. Generally, women cannot rely on regulating life to improve. At this time, they should follow the doctor’s advice and check the treatment before pregnancy.

The inspection items for recurrent abortion are also detailed.First of all, doctors need to check the chromosomes of both couples; in terms of endocrine, sex hormones and thyroid hormones are required; if it is an uterine accessories, sometimes hysteroscopy and ultrasound will be used; immunity, anti -sperm antibodies, antipathy antibodies, anticoagulant, anticoagulant, anticoagulant, anticoagulantprotein."Fully screening, discovering problems in time, and not paying attention or excessive attention, there are problems." Wu Jing said.For women who have no pregnancy or abortion, a normal pre -pregnancy examination can be performed.

What is infertility?The husband and wife got married for a year, and did not take protection measures in the same room, but the wife did not conceive, and it may be infertility."But now the life and work of young people are very busy. There may not be much time to be together. I don’t have to be too anxious for a year or two." Wu Jing said.

If you want to have a healthy baby, you have to spend your thoughts when preparing for pregnancy. Wu Jing sends a pregnancy for young couples to prepare for pregnancy:

Men: It is best to quit tobacco and alcohol, do not stay up late to ensure sperm quality.

Female: Start 3 months in advance to supplement folic acid to prevent neuroma defects; eat less unhealthy barbecue and raw food.

If you are a expectant mother who is already pregnant, be careful not to overwork during pregnancy and avoid strenuous exercise like playing.Try not to do the same room within 3 months of pregnancy to avoid abortion; if the new decoration in the home, the formaldehyde concentration is high, to maintain ventilation, if it is a poor environment in the early pregnancy, it will cause miscarriage.(Picture source: Vision China)

■ Invited experts in this issue: Wu Jing

Chief Physician of the prenatal diagnosis center of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, deputy director of the prenatal diagnosis center, doctor of medicine, long fetus medicine, good at genetic consultation, abnormal development of fetal palaces, abnormal twins, multiple pregnancy abnormalities, intrauterine treatment, interventional intervention, interventionalityPreparatory diagnosis, health care, habitual abortion diagnosis and treatment.

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