Can I still have room after pregnancy?There are these three cases, it is not recommended to live a husband and wife life

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During pregnancy, pregnant women are relatively fragile both physiological and psychologically. During this period, the whole family, especially the children’s father, should take care of the child’s mother at this time.However, during this period, it is necessary to go through ten months, and the man will inevitably have some physiological needs, so in this more sensitive stage during pregnancy, should you do it?

During pregnancy, it is also divided into several stages. Many prospective dads choose not to live with their wives as much as possible in order not to hurt the baby in the belly, but this is a normal physiological needs of people after all.It is not good for your body, so how can you not hurt the baby in the stomach, and you can have a normal husband and wife life?

The first three months of pregnancy is the child’s bed. At this time, it is necessary to be extra careful. Whether it is a trivial matter in life or the normal life between husband and wife.And at this stage, we must avoid contact between husband and wife as much as possible, because at this time the child is not very stable. If the husband and wife live, it is likely to hurt the child, causing the bed unstable and affecting the normal development of the child.Seriously cause miscarriage.

In the first one or two months before the production, it is not suitable to have a husband and wife life. At this time, the two people in the same room will make the pregnant woman feel uncomfortable and affect the fetus.Three months later, it can be in the same room during the period before production.But the number of times should not be too frequent.Therefore, for the health of the child, the man should be more patient.

However, women or men with special circumstances cannot have the same room during a safe period, such as:

First, there are abortion surgery

If expectant mothers have a history of miscarriage here, then during this period, they cannot have the same room. After the child is born, there will be no husband and wife life without abortion.

Second, there is a threat of miscarriage

The abortion threat here means that there are a small amount of vaginal bleeding before, or the abdominal pain, the sexual life between husband and wife must be prohibited. It is not until the child is safe and safe, and the husband and wife life can be continued.If there is no handling of abortion during this period, it will cause harm to the child’s mother’s psychological, and it may also reject sexual life.

Third, when the prospective dad is sick

When the husband and wife are in close contact, if the prospective dad has a disease, some germs in the body will invade the expectant mother’s body. It is a harm to adults.Try to avoid sexual life between husband and wife.Doctors also recommend that if Taoer’s inspection is not good, it is also prohibited.

How do you solve the life of husband and wife during pregnancy?Everyone is welcome to repost comments.

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