Can I swim during pregnancy?Tang Yixin’s swimming during pregnancy, netizens: Pay attention to the body

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It is said that women who are pregnant are the happiest. They can not have to be used as housework. They are hungry and eat at any time without worrying about fat, but pregnancy is also a very hard thing.It jumped like when she was not pregnant. When the month was big, it was difficult to walk, which also made many pregnant mothers express their helplessness.

Recently, Tang Yixin shared photos of swimming during pregnancy on his account. In the photo, Tang Yixin’s mental state is very good, and anyone who is very slender during swimming, and Tang Yixin also said with a text: "Summary, I didn’t want the most pregnancy during pregnancy.The sport of love is swimming! "

The photos of Tang Yixin’s swimming during pregnancy have attracted countless controversy from netizens. Some netizens said: Are female stars all devil?Why is your body so good!Some netizens said: Ordinary people can’t do it at all, and some netizens have questioned the swimming during pregnancy. They advise Tang Yixin: Pay attention to the body, can the mother after pregnancy be swimming?

1. Swimming

Swimming during pregnancy has certain benefits for pregnant mothers. First of all, swimming is aerobic exercise, and is not very exciting. Swimming in pregnant women can slow down stress reactions and make pregnant mothers more suitable for pregnancy. In addition, swimming can regulate the nerve function system.Promote blood circulation and make pregnant mothers more adaptable to childbirth.

2. Yoga

Yoga can increase the physical strength and muscle tension of pregnant mothers, enhance the sense of balance of the body, and increase the flexibility of muscle tissue. Yoga during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers give birth naturally, but yoga is best from 3 and month after pregnancy to July from July to July.Perform them, wait until the third trimester, and try not to do any exercise as much as possible.

3. Walk

Tourism during pregnancy is also a good choice. Strolling can exercise the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant mothers and promote metabolism. Passenger walking can exercise the leg muscles of pregnant mothers. It is the best way to get pregnant for pregnant mothers.At the same time, walking can be used anytime, anywhere, simple and safe, suitable for all pregnant mothers.

1. Stimulating sport

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers cannot do high -jumping, racing, mountain climbing, and some high -risk factor exercises, as well as some more exciting game items in the playground, pregnant mothers do not do the same.Pregnant mothers have miscarriage, or premature birth.

2. Do housework

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers often cook themselves and clean up their housework. Due to the increase in uterus after pregnancy, the body’s response will become slow. Sometimes the pregnant mother will accidentally hurt themselves. At the same time, some pregnancyPregnant mothers with severe response will vomit when they smell the oil fume.

Parenting message:

In fact, you really need to pay attention to appropriate exercise after pregnancy, so that not only the fetus can get better development in the mother’s belly, but also helps the pregnant mother’s smooth production. At the same time, effective exercise also helps the postpartum repair of pregnant mothers, butPregnant mothers must pay attention to rest during exercise. Do not take too long to ensure the health of the fetus.

In the end, what exercises do you do during your pregnancy?Let me leave a message in the comment area and tell me.

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