Can I take medicine during a cold and fever and runny nose? Can I take medicine during pregnancy?Uncle milk is necessary to science!

Everyone grows up to eat grain grains and will inevitably get sick.

For us ordinary people, if you have a headache and brain heat, you can also get an injection and take medicine.

But for pregnant mothers, illness is really difficult to get sick.Once you are looking for a cold and fever, you will inevitably appear all kinds of voices: "You have to carry it hard when you are sick!" You can’t take medicine, you can’t take medicine, you will make your baby stupid! "" Eat less lessSome medicines are fine, otherwise adults are uncomfortable children who are suffering! "

Therefore, whether pregnant mothers can take medicine in the end have become a difficult problem for the family!

Regarding what preparations to make before pregnancy, Uncle Grandma has previously introduced the problem of watching tooth extraction.

Today, Uncle Dairy will answer the preparing for the milk powder during pregnancy -about whether pregnant mothers can use medication.

Uncle Grandma, let’s answer it!

In fact, for pregnant mothers, sickness is not completely impossible to use, but the medication is cautious.

You must first determine whether the disease can heal itself.

If you can heal itself, just like an ordinary cold, there is no need to take medicine.

Without other complications, a cold can usually be cured from 5 to 7 days, and it does not exceed two weeks.If there is no healing and complications occur, you must seek medical treatment in time.Under the instructions of the doctor, medication is targeted.

Because once the condition is misunderstood, the consequences may be unimaginable.

In addition, if pregnant mothers have chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension for a long time, they must not only use medication, but also control the disease of diseases under the guidance of professional obstetricians and other specialists.

In order to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Because of the medication during pregnancy, there is a risk of fetal malformation.

For pregnant mothers, the baby in the stomach grows to 3 to 3 months, and the sensitive period of fetal development is ushered in.

This stage is a stage of high degree of differentiation and rapid development of embryo and fetal organs.

If the pregnant mother is used at this time, the toxicity of the drug will interfere with the normal differentiation of embryos and fetal tissue cells. The cells in any part of the cells are affected by drug toxicity, which may cause tissue or organs in a certain part to cause deformities.

Therefore, it is said that pregnant mothers should not use medicine, especially in this period.

However, Uncle Grandma has to remind a word here, even if it is 0 to 2 weeks or 3 months, you must be careful not to relax your vigilance.

There are no 10,000, just in case, don’t regret it because of great care.

Uncle grandma wants to tell you the prospective father and mother that no drug is absolutely safe to the fetus.

Therefore, only when the benefit of the drug to the mother is greater than the danger of the fetus, the medication can be considered.

Also follow the following principles:

When pregnant mothers get sick, they should consult a professional doctor. They must not be listened to the preferences, secret recipes, etc. to buy them by themselves.

Unreasonable use of drugs will not only increase the risk of fetal malformation, but also seriously cause abortion;

Try to avoid combined medication as much as possible by taking medicine alone. Drugs that can be used for a long clinical time and a certainty of conclusions do not need to be more new. When the drugs are the same or similar, consider choosing those with less harm to the fetus;

Pregnant mothers or pregnant dads should develop the habit of recording medication (medicine name, dose, etc.) at any time, so that when needed, they can clearly provide information about the medication.

If you want to stop the medicine, you must first inform or consult the doctor first, and stop the medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

If pregnant mothers who need long -term medication due to special diseases, do not stop the medicine because they plan to get pregnant or have pregnant, so as not to affect the original disease and cause the disease to deteriorate.

At present, the standards of medication during pregnancy are still based on the pregnancy pharmaceutical grading system formulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It divides medicine during pregnancy as 5 levels.(Uncle of careful milk made another form)

The important thing to say three times, even with this form, the milk powder cannot "take medicine according to the table", and feel that they are half a doctor.Creative still wants:

Follow the doctor’s advice!

Follow the doctor’s advice!

Follow the doctor’s advice!

For some commonly used pregnant mothers, you should also pay attention to, such as cough syrup, cold spirit, white plus black, aspirin, morpholine, etc., you must also follow the doctor’s advice.The life of pregnant mothers and fetuses is very expensive, but no risk can be prohibited ~

Milk powder, are you usually sick and afraid of going to the hospital?

Leave a message to tell Uncle your feelings!But taboo diseases and doctors may not be ~

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