Can I take medicine during pregnancy?Is it better for your body to eat?Expert answers like this

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Author of this article: Liao Shixiu, chief physician of the Institute of Medical Genetics, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital

Can I take medicine during pregnancy? Supplementary products, health products, vitamins, it is better to take it for the body?

At the Institute of Medical Genetics at Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, the number of outpatient clinics has been close to the same period of previous years. Although the patient’s condition is different, Liao Shixiu, chief physician of the Institute of Medical Genetics, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, said that it is necessaryWake up for women during pregnancy and pregnancy.

Those who should not eat must be eaten

Doctor reminds: Strengthen nutrition :to eat health care products by yourself

In the outpatient clinic, a pregnant mother took out four medicine bottles and put it on the table, saying that it was health products such as folic acid, vitamin, linolenic acid, and DHA brought back from the trustee from abroad.Better, or make the fetus better and smarter.

To supplement nutrition for pregnancy, strengthening nutrition during pregnancy and after pregnancy can make the fetus grow better. This idea is correct.Strengthening nutrition can be carried out through two aspects: daily life and drug assistance.

Preparation couples can adjust their lifestyle, balanced diet, strengthen exercise in half a year to one year in advance, and adjust their bodies to a better state.At the same time, I went to the hospital for consultation with eugenics and eugenics.These can help the upcoming embryo have a relatively good growth environment.

It is better to eat supplies, health products, and vitamins. It is not recommended to eat at random and should be used under the guidance of a doctor.For those who are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, doctors will comprehensively determine whether vitamins or folic acid need to be supplemented through medical history, consultation, and blood testing.Such as vitamin D3, vitamin D12, etc. help preservation, general doctors will check for patients with a history of habitual abortion to see if they are lacking or lacking, and give the appropriate dosage according to the results of the inspection.The supplement of folic acid is also dynamically adjusted according to the test results.

Whether it is vitamin supplement or folic acid, the hospital is prescribed by the hospital. After strict inspection by relevant national departments, its safety is greater than health products.Using health products, supplements, and vitamins without distinguishingly, there may be excessive material supplement, causing physical discomfort and even poisoning symptoms, and harmful to your health.

If you should eat it, you should not eat it

Doctor reminds: taking medicine during pregnancy ≠ is harmful to the fetus

Can women who are sick during pregnancy can only carry it by themselves? Taking medicine can affect fetal health? In fact, it is a very dangerous behavior to refuse to refuse to take medicine.It is necessary to check and drug -assisted therapy to promote the recovery of the human body as soon as possible, thereby ensuring the healthy growth of the fetus.

☆ Patients with chronic diseases cannot stop drugs by themselves

A patient who had been diagnosed at 32 weeks of pregnancy but came to find the cause.Carefully asked the medical history to combine the relevant examination, and found that the patient had hypertension before. After pregnancy, he was afraid that the drug would have an effect on the fetus and directly discontinued the drug.

Not only hypertension, asthma, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc., patients with chronic diseases who need long -term medication for long -term medication, need to explain to the doctor when preparing for pregnancy. Please ask the doctor to adjust the medicines and dosage of medicines.Essence

☆ Occasional diseases should also be actively treated

If you have a slight cold and diarrhea during pregnancy, you can temporarily observe it for a while. If the high fever and diarrhea are severe, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and inform the doctors and patients for the specific situation of pregnancy.If the treatment is not timely, colds, diarrhea, etc. cause weakness, dehydration, and electrolyte disorders, etc., which are dangerous to pregnant women and fetuses.

☆ Special diseases should give priority to pregnant women

The treatment of some diseases is indeed harmful to the fetus, such as anticancer drugs, large doses of continuous use of hormone drugs, antibiotics, and heat -relieving analgesic.If patients who have to find the disease during pregnancy have to use the above drugs to save their lives, according to the condition, the pregnancy week, the comprehensive specialist and the obstetrician doctor, consider the time and frequency of good medicine, conduct eugenics consultation inspections, cure the disease first, then consider whetherContinue pregnancy or artificial abortion to avoid the birth of defects.After waiting for the cure of the disease, choose to have a period.

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