Can I test pregnancy a few days after the same room?What are the early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the wish of every pregnant woman, but for most women, pregnancy has become a luxury. Many people spend a lot of money and energy for this, but they have failed.For some women, pregnancy is very easy, but what they do not know is that pregnancy can be measured a few days after the same room. Today, I will introduce it to you in detail.

Generally, you can detect it 7-10 days after sex. The longer the time, the more accurate.

The working principle of pregnancy test paper is to detect the HCG value, that is, the value of the human chorionic gonad hormone.This hormone is made by the placenta. Generally, it will appear in urine after a few days of pregnancy, but because the amount is small, it is not easy to test it. It is not obvious until 10 days to 14 days.

1. Lost appetite, acid reflux

Some people have no appetite when they are pregnant. Some people will want to eat things they do n’t like to eat. Some people will vomit the meat when they smell too much… There is also a folk saying that "sour children are spicy women."In fact, what you want to eat is normal physiological reactions, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

2, lethargy, mental weakness

Poor sleep is the "common problem" of many mothers in early pregnancy.During the day, they would feel tired and feel like a cold.In the evening, they will have mild insomnia, which is caused by rising progesterone levels in the body.Pregnant mothers with poor mild sleep do not have to be too nervous, and relaxing body and mind is more conducive to sleep.

3. Breast swelling

During early pregnancy, breast swelling may occur.This is because after pregnancy, hormones in the body have changed, stimulating the development of the breast, making the breasts sensitive, and some pregnant mothers will also have slight pain, including the tenderness of the nipples, the darker of the areola, this is all this is allMore normal.

4. Men stop menstruation

Indexation of menstruation is the first feature of pregnancy.If your menstrual period has been normal, but this month is delayed for more than 10 days, then congratulations, you are likely to get pregnant.However, it is not excluded that some women may have irregular menstruation and menstrual disorders.If so, they cannot accurately judge.

The above is some introduction to pregnancy. I believe everyone knows. If you have the above symptoms, it may be pregnant. You can go to the hospital for a HCG blood drawing.And to do a good job of prevention of fetal stops in time.

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