Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?Should I say yes or NO?

Woman, beautiful!From skin to eyebrows, eyebrows to eyes, from eyes to eyelashes, from eyelashes to nose, from nose to lips, from lips to chin, from chin to neck, from neck to the neck.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceUnexpectedly maintenance and modification.However, most of the skin care products used for maintenance are composed of chemical raw materials. The beautiful pregnant mummy in love probably has a question "Can you use skin care products for pregnancy?" Now, I do n’t give an absolute answer first.Analyze the ingredients of skin care products, pregnant moms can judge whether they can use themselves!

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

The detergent contains alcohol sulfuric acid. When the skin is inhaled into the human body, it causes the death of fertilized eggs when reaching a certain concentration, which stops pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is prohibited from cosmetics containing vitamin K, vitamin A acid, and other vitamin A derivatives.

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Lipstick is composed of a variety of oils, wax dyes and spices.Among them, Shanzhi usually uses wool fat, which is a transparent paste recovered and refined from waterts.

Wool fat can not only adsorb the various harmful metal trace elements to the human body, but also can adsorb microorganisms such as E. coli that can enter the fetus.As saliva enters the human body, the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly is harmful, so it is best for pregnant women to use less or without lipstick.

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Hair dye can cause cell chromosome distortion, which can induce skin cancer, breast cancer, and fetal malformations.Some ingredients of the hair dye may also cause allergic reactions in the skin; chemical cold and perfection can also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in the pregnant woman, and some people also have an allergic reaction to it.

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Pregnant women cannot be aromatherapy in the first three months, and after 3 months, it is also particular about choosing aromatherapy essential oils. For example, lemon and citrus cannot be used before 12 weeks of pregnancy, but roses and jasmine cannot be pregnant with 16 pregnancy.Use before.

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Applying the mask is a good thing that makes pregnant women comfortable. At this time, doing proper massage in the beauty salon can relax and slow down the discomfort of pregnancy.

Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Sauna and current are unable to touch.Because the current will flow throughout the body, it may cause harm to the fetus; because the high temperature exceeding 53 ° C will increase the chance of pregnant women’s pregnancy.


1. Skin care products selected during pregnancy must not contain hormones and chemical components that are harmful to the fetus.So it is best to select products with gentle pure plants.There are also cold plants in Chinese medicine that are not suitable for pregnant women, so pay attention when choosing.In addition, it is better to contain vitamin E for pregnant women.

2. It is best to avoid cosmetics.In the early pregnancy, the fetus was the most unstable.Pay special attention to the use of skin care products and cosmetics.

Sweetheart has something to say: After reading the text, Sweetheart wants to ask the pregnant mother’s phrase "Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?" It is estimated that most pregnant mummy will give up the temporary beauty for cosmetics.

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