Can improve anemia during pregnancy?This recipe is quickly collected

From the previous article, we learned that the problem of alleviating anemia during pregnancy can start with diet, and it is critical to improve eating habits.Sister Ma once asked the anemia’s pregnant mothers to review her diet. At first glance, she was indeed a food that could nourish blood, but it was too single. In this way, I do n’t know when to really improve the problem of anemia.Ask her why she eats like this and answer the fastest blood supplement.

For a long time, the Chinese are very pursuing efficiency and pursuing a "fast" word. Compared to how to eat, many pregnant mothers are more urgent to know what to eat to replenish blood, but the fastest is not necessarily the most effective.In fact, pregnant mothers with anemia do not eat a certain food to replenish blood, but to pay attention to diet balance to ensure the diversity of diet. Each day’s diet must have high -quality staple food, protein and protein, andLiver products, blood products, and dairy products rich in iron -rich elements can make blood the fastest in order to make a balanced diet.

Today, Sister Ma will list the recipes that I think in my mind.Breakfast

Pregnant mothers with anemia can eat whole wheat products on breakfast, such as oatmeal porridge, whole wheat biscuits, whole wheat bread, etc. When buying oatmeal, try to choose naturally without adding ingredients.Dairy products are essential, as well as eggs, a bottle of milk and a cooking egg every morning to ensure the intake of protein.In addition, if there are some beef at home, you can cut a few slices in advance, and you can also mix a cold dish, such as mixing big dishes, cold spinach, and cucumbers.Such breakfast contains staple foods, protein, dairy products, greens and bacteria, which is really nutritious and rich.For lunch

The best lunch for anemia is to be able to bring meals by her own.If you eat takeaway, you may be greasy, or the ingredients of takeaway are not fresh enough to ingest the required nutrition.If it is a cafeteria, food may also add a variety of seasonings, or the variety of meals that can be selected cannot satisfy the taste.So if you have time and conditions, you may wish to bring meals yourself.

Sister Ma suggested that pregnant mothers can bring some miscellaneous rice with miscellaneous beans, which can bring some red meat. For example, the sauce beef mentioned earlier can also be made of green pepper fried pork liver, cabbage tofu, broccoli and so on.If there is no time, you can communicate with a clean and hygienic restaurant near the company and make some low oil, low sugar, balanced and healthy food.

For dinner

The energy ingested in dinner needs to be maintained until the next morning, so pregnant mothers need to eat well, eat staple food, protein, vegetables … Like lunch beef, green pepper fried pork liver, cabbage, cabbage, cabbageTofu, broccoli, etc. can be eaten at dinner.Of course, some pregnant mothers think that they will be a bit greasy to eat the same thing in both meals, so you can choose to make celery fried fragrant, boiled sweet potatoes, stir -fried rapeseed, duck blood fan soup, and so on.

Foods that can supplement blood are far more than that. Experienced pregnant mothers can share them in the comment area.It is worth noting that most of the anemia of most pregnant mothers is caused by iron deficiency in the body, so three meals a day should eat iron -rich foods, but there are also pregnant mothers who are vegetarians, with basic iron and vitamin B12 B12Lack, at this time, you need to add an additional iron and B vitamins to eat more bean products and miscellaneous beans as much as possible.Of course, pregnant mothers who are not vegetarianism also need additional iron supplements and folic acid to "icing on the cake" for the control and treatment of anemia.

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