Can infertile couples drink twins?The water plant responds to "twin water" …


Some netizens posted a post, saying that

Mom goes to Yunnan to travel back to a bottle of "twin water",

Cause attention.

The picture posted by the netizen shows that the "twin water" outer packaging is printed with a pair of twins avatars, which says, "Blue twin water, which is taken in the dense forest mountains passing through the city.The water quality is pure and the taste is sweet. Legend has it that Noma Aimi once sowed the water for Mojiang. After drinking this water, the couple of infertility were pregnant and they were pregnant with twins, so they got the name of the twin water. "

On June 26, a staff member of the Mojiang twin water plant told reporters that

The water sources of the water of the Mojiang twin are taken from the autonomous county of the Mojiang Hani Nami in Pu’er in Yunnan. The Hani Autonomous County is the only family home and the city of returning."The home of the twin is because Mojiang is a small county, but there are more than 1,200 pairs of twins."

According to official data, the birth rate of Mojiang twins reaches 8.7th, which is four times that of the global twin birth rate.At the same time, the Northern Cancer passed through the middle of Mojiang City and divided them into two."We are an old local company, the product is called Mojiang twin water."

Mr. Luo of the Mojiang twin water factory told reporters that the twin water produced by the water plant is the same as the ordinary water outlet price. "There are more than two pieces."

Liu Kai, a lawyer of the law firm in Beijing Zhongwen (Changsha), believes that

If advertisers, advertising operators, and advertising publishers use the advertising symbol of "Drinking Our Water, Drinking Twins" with the relevant scientific basis, to promote the product.Article 28, paragraph 2 (2), releases false advertisements.

The parties release the content of the advertisement of false effects. According to the provisions of Article 55 of the Advertising Law, the market supervision and management department may order advertising to order advertisers to eliminate the impact within the corresponding range.For fines, if the advertising costs cannot be calculated or significantly low, a fine of more than 200,000 yuan or less; if there are more than three illegal acts or other serious circumstances within two years, the advertising costs are more than five times more than ten times more or less.If the fines of the advertising, the advertising costs cannot be calculated or significantly low, a fine of more than two million yuan and less than two million yuan can be revoked, and the advertising review approved document will be revoked by the advertising review authority.Apply.

If the circumstances are serious, it may also constitute a crime of false advertising. It can be imprisoned or detained for less than two years, and a fine or a single fine.

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Source: AHTV the first time

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