Can mothers make up during pregnancy?

Jia Jingwen, who was only born in the month ago, had thrown a blockbuster bomb on Weibo before the National Day: the third child of the "Limited Edition" came!Xiao Yan is going to be a sister!

The 42 -year -old Jia Jingwen was still active in April, and the work plan did not stop. When attending the event in October, she still was thin and her bubbling!And Xiu Kaijie, who was distressed his wife, also said that he wanted to ligate!

All right!You are really playing with your life winners. Xiaobian’s heart is taken orally!

Madam Huang, who has been rumored to be pregnant before, also took a set of beautiful photos on the tail of the National Day holiday. The micro -belly belly really couldn’t hide it!Yesterday, Huang Jiao finally confirmed the baby’s pregnancy, and the trip of the three was about to begin.

So happy!What a nice view!How can you be so beautiful when you are pregnant?It seems that the stars pregnant mothers often bring makeup even if they are pregnant, but is it really okay?

There are people who love beauty. Many pregnant mothers will be lazy to makeup because of their body shape and skin changes. Some pregnant mothers are afraid that some ingredients in their cosmetics will not be good for the baby baby, so they dare not make up.In fact, women can also make up after pregnancy, which can not only make the pregnant mother feel very good, but also allow a beautiful pregnant mother in the eyes of others.However, it should be noted that there is still a certain difference between makeup and pre -pregnancy during pregnancy, because improper makeup of pregnant mothers will hurt the baby in the belly and cause adverse effects on it, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to some problems when makeup.

Overall essential

1. During pregnancy and lactation, mothers still have the right to enjoy beauty.However, you need to pay attention to the appropriate use of the right product in the correct method.Try to purchase regular products from regular canal.Avoid using products that are uncertain and doubtful for quality or sources.The easiest way is to seek similar reliable alternatives or consulting professionals.

2. Select products with simple ingredients.Try to avoid chemical additives (such as preservatives) complicated products; choose elegant or odorless products to avoid too strong aroma.

3. Try to try the basic interpretation of the product’s composition list (see the relevant information and the product for details below).

Common product interpretation

(1) sunscreen

[Pregnancy and lactation, you can use sunscreen safely]

Sunscreen can protect the skin from ultraviolet damage. Only a small amount can be absorbed into the human body through the skin, and no toxic and side effects are found in animal experiments.

In addition, many pregnant mothers find that the color spots are aggravated or new chloasma during pregnancy. The appearance of these stains is also related to the sun exposure during pregnancy.The use of sunscreen is one of the important ways to prevent and treat stains during pregnancy.

(2) Lipstick

[Pregnancy and lactation, you can use lipstick according to conventional safe safely]

In order to make the color of lipstick lasting, most (about 60%) of regular and qualified brand lipstick contain lead.The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted detailed investigations on lead concerns in lipsticks, and announced at the end of 2011 that the lead will not have health hazards to the human body according to the routine lipstick.

However, I believe that pregnant mothers and lactating mothers are usually cautious and sensitive to heavy metals.In fact, as long as the regular and qualified products are used, mothers should not worry too much, affecting their mood.If you want to be completely avoided, you can consider choosing a lead -free lipstick.

(3) Hairdressing products such as hair dyeing, perm

[Beautiful hair products are best not used during pregnancy or breastfeeding]

Early animal studies found that if large doses during pregnancy are exposed to some chemicals that exist in hairdressing products, such as phenylben aminamium, aminophenol, ethanol, etc., the risk of terators may be increased.

If mothers are unable to do it during pregnancy or breastfeeding, please be sure to pay attention to the following points:

1. Use formal qualified products;

2. Make sure that the scalp is intact and no damage before use, even after use, especially cleaning the scalp;

3. Pay attention to the frequency (quantity) and methods of use, and strive to avoid the absorption of harmful chemicals into the human body from the greatest extent.

4. Beauty products have potential sensitivity risks. After breastfeeding mothers use hairdressing products, pay more attention to the baby’s allergic protection.

5. Many hair dyes are promoted by highlights of "pure natural natural", but this does not mean that there is no hidden health hazard at all.Therefore, I hope that mothers will still be vigilant and avoid blindly respecting pure natural products.

(4) Nail polish and spray hair glue

[If it is not necessary, please avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding]

Nail polish and spray hair glue usually contain: pHThalates.Among them, alignate (DEP), as a solvent or coloring agent, is the most commonly used.

Studies have found that exposure to phenyl acid (including all sources in life) during pregnancy may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.In 2014, another clinical study found that the higher the concentration of phthalamic acid metabolites in pregnant mothers, the higher the intellectual and psychological development of children in the future, and this difference still exists when the child is 7 years old.

For various reasons, if mothers have to use such products, please try to use it in a good ventilated environment or try to choose alternatives without deotinic acid.

(5) Anti -wrinkle skin care products

[Anti -wrinkle skin care products contain Retinoids (Retinoids), without special reasons, try to avoid skin care products containing hyamolic acid during pregnancy]

Vitaminic acid can help promote cell metabolism and alleviate skin collagen decomposition, thereby achieving the effect of anti -aging anti -wrinkle.

In fact, only a small amount of vitamin acid in topical products is absorbed by the skin. However, there are currently four clinical cases reporting that external use vitamin acid can cause malformation during pregnancy. At the same time, external use vitamin acid is also considered to cause abortion and low weight births.

Although the evidence provided by clinical cases is not a high -quality clinical basis, considering that there is no high -quality basis for supporting the safety of vitamin acid during pregnancy, so there is no special reason, please avoid using skin care skin care during pregnancy as much as possible during pregnancy.Maintenance products.

(6) Skin care products of acne cleaning

[Most acne clean skin products contain salicylic acid (SALICYLICID), you need to use it with caution]

SalicylicAcid is a phenol hormone, which belongs to the aspirin family that can enter the deep cleansing skin of the pores, and at the same time has the effect of anti -inflammatory (redness and swelling and pain).Most of the skin care products (such as cleansing milk, toner, etc.) contain salicylic acid.External salicylic acid is influenced by matrix carriers, concentrations, pH values, etc. of the ratio of the human body through the skin.If you use it on the damaged skin, the absorption ratio is high.

External salicylic acid can cause allergies of some sensitive skin people.In addition, infants and young children with high-concentration of salicylic acid (15%-60%) cream, ointment, gel, etc. may cause risk of roseward roseward or ulcers to increase.

A small number of clinical studies have found that taking low -dose acetyl acetywater salicylic acid during pregnancy will not increase the risk of bad pregnancy ending such as premature or low birth weight.However, if a large dose is taken during pregnancy, the risk of abnobic acid is increased.However, there are no clinical studies that have proved the safety of salicylic acid during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Therefore, during pregnancy or lactation, it occasionally uses a small amount of acne and skin care products containing low -concentration of salicylic acid (less than 2%), without excessive panic.However, if high concentration is used in large areas, such as a mask containing salicylic acid, and skin care massage cream, etc., if there are no special reasons, you should consider trying to avoid it.Especially if the skin is damaged, the absorption ratio of salicylic acid will be higher.

If due to the changes in estrogen levels in the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have acne. Please use related acne products under the guidance of professionals, because many acne products contain salicylic acid and vitamin acid, and you need to be cautious.

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