Can pregnant women drink coffee?

Coffee is a popular drink and has become a part of cultural life. Many people have developed the habit of drinking coffee every day.The huge consumption makes people worry about coffee health risks for a long time.

How many rumors of coffee are true or false?

1 Drinking coffee will not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

It is often reported that the heartbeat accelerated after drinking coffee, and the blood rushed to the top of the head, fearing that he would have a cardiovascular disease.However, a large number of studies have shown that everyone is more concerned. Drinking coffee in moderation will not increase the risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly stated that coffee does not have carcinogenic risk.

In 2017, a report released by the International Cancer Research Foundation also pointed out that there was no evidence that drinking coffee can cause cancer.Moreover, there are still many studies that coffee can reduce the risk of cancer such as liver cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer.

But note that don’t drink too hot!Hot drinks above 65 ° C are really pathogenous.

2 Drinking coffee has a certain weight loss effect

Fitness is the only way for modern people to pursue graceful figures. Moderate weight loss and improve body fat rate are the first steps to become exquisite boys and girls.At this time, the microphone is handed to coffee.

Caffeine can improve energy balance by reducing appetite and increasing basic metabolic rates and food caused by food. Exquisite boys and girls who want to lose weight can consider putting down the vegetable salad on their hands.watt.

What needs to be reminded is that the coffee here refers to black coffee that is not added.

Many fast -soluble coffee or fancy coffee on the market now add a lot of white sugar and fat -planting. Such coffee is not healthy.

In addition, those "caffeine -containing drinks" (including milk tea), which are creamy and sweet, not only drink the more fat, but also have various health problems due to high sugar. Drink less.

If you feel that the black coffee is too bitter, you can add some milk or milk powder.

3 The correct posture of drinking coffee

Drinking two or three cups of coffee every morning may not have any disadvantages, and it will even bring some benefits to the health of the body. However, if you drink 6 cups of cups or more coffee every day, it may increase the risk of 22% of the body’s heart disease, that is, every day6 cups of coffee are considered the upper limit of coffee safety intake.

1-2 cups are good, if it is more than 6 cups … might as well go to sleep for a while?

Recently, there have been many questions about drinking coffee in the background.The most mentioned is the following:

Can I drink coffee after pregnancy?

Tell your husband and mother -in -law, the answer is: Yes!

Coffee can actually drink during pregnancy, but do not excess.So how much coffee is "too much" and how much is it safe to drink?

Society of American Obstetrics and Gynecologists Society suggests: When the amount of caffeine in coffee every day is more than 200 mg, the abortion rate will double.The abortion rate does not increase when not exceeding 200 mg every day.

In addition, it should be noted that caffeine can not only be in coffee. Tea, milk tea, chocolate, cola and other beverages also contain caffeine.The following is used as a reference:

China Cup American Coffee (355ml) contains about 150mg of caffeine;

A cup of tea (237ml) contains about 47mg of caffeine;

Listen to Coca -Cola (355ml) with about 33mg of caffeine.

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