Can pregnant women drink tea?Drinking tea common sense, you need to know

Can pregnant women drink tea?Drinking tea common sense, you need to know

In fact, pregnant women can drink tea, but not all tea is suitable for pregnant women. If you drink it, it will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, the common sense of them must know:

Common sense one: pregnant women can drink light green tea and wolfberry tea

green tea

You can drink.Green tea contains extremely rich zinc, and zinc plays an extremely important role in the normal growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, experts believe that pregnant women who like to drink tea can drink some green tea in moderation.But green tea also contains tannic acid, which can also hinder the absorption of iron.Therefore, it is recommended to drink it 1 hour after a meal. If pregnant women can drink 3-5 grams of tea a day, especially light green tea, it isIt is good.

Wolfberry tea

You can drink.Lycium barbarum is rich in nutrients, and fruit contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, a variety of free amino acids, linoleic acid, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, Yi Jianzhi, and blood moisturizing, Zeya Yue Yan, Peiyuan Wufa and other effects.Wolfberry is sweet and flat. From the perspective of these characteristics and nutritional value, pregnant women can drink wolfberry tea, especially pregnant women with weak constitutions are particularly suitable for drinking.

In addition, wolfberry also has the effects of beauty and beauty, nourishing blood and moisturizing.

Common sense 2: pregnant women drink less or cannot drink tea

black tea

Avoid drinking.The zinc content in the immersion liquid of black tea is very small, and the caffeine in the strong black tea has an exciting effect. Excessive tea drinking can stimulate the fetus to increase fetal movement and even endanger the growth and development of the fetus.


Drink less.The chrysanthemums in chrysanthemum tea are chamomile. Its taste is not bitter. Drinking tea has the special effects of flat liver and clearing heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, and has a good effect on patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.Drinking chrysanthemum tea in pregnant women can play a role in clearing the fire, so pregnant women can drink some light chrysanthemum tea appropriately.

rose Tea

Drink less.Especially within three months of pregnancy.

Rose tea is mainly brewed by the tip of the roses and tea. Although the vitamins contained in roses are also needed by pregnant women during pregnancy, and the rose tea is warm, it can relieve the hair in the body, which can help pregnant women soothe depression.mood.However, the constitution of pregnant women is more special. If you are a little careless, you will have some impact on the growth and development of the fetus, so it is best to drink less.

In addition, rose tea is a tea drink after all. Pregnant women should not drink excessive drinking, and roses also contain tannic acid. Excessive drinking will hinder the body’s absorption of iron.


Avoid drinking.Although Tieguanyin is rich in minerals, it has the effects of detoxifying and eliminating, weight loss, beauty and beauty, nourishing beauty and beauty, sobries, and so on. It is suitable for ordinary people and is not suitable for pregnant women.

Tieguanyin tea has a strong flavor. Drinking strong tea for pregnant women not only susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, but also affects the nutritional supply of the fetus, but also increases the heart rate and urination of pregnant women, thereby increasing the burden on pregnant women and kidney.Essence

In addition, if you drink too much thick iron Guanyin tea, you can easily cause insomnia.Insufficient sleep before childbirth often makes the maternal physical strength and weakness, which will cause dystocia.Therefore, mothers who like to drink Tieguanyin Tea are best to drink during pregnancy.

Common sense three: pregnant women should avoid drinking strong tea

If pregnant women drink too much tea, too thick, especially drinking strong black tea, it will harm the fetus.Tea contains 2 % -5 % caffeine, and it contains about 0.06 mg of caffeine per 500 ml of strong black tea.Caffeine has an exciting effect. Excessive tea drinking will stimulate the fetus to increase fetal movement and even endanger the growth and development of the fetus.

If pregnant women drink too much tea, the "tannins" in tea will be combined with iron elements in other foods consumed by pregnant women in the gastrointestinal tract into a complex that cannot be absorbed by the human body.Iron anemia will also cause congenital iron deficiency legacy to the fetus in the birth of the fetus, causing the baby to have iron deficiency anemia.Drinking strong tea for a long time will also accelerate the heartbeat, increase urine output, and increase blood circulation, which will undoubtedly bring a burden on the heart and kidneys to pregnant women who are weak.

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