Can pregnant women drive?Can we not do anything after pregnancy …?

With the gradual popularization of cars, the topic of pregnant women’s driving has become a difficult problem, and pregnant women may cause some hidden dangers due to special physical conditions. Can pregnant women drive?Xiaobian first come to sell you a pass, and the answer is revealed when you see the end!

However, in some cases, pregnant women may still drive to travel under the circumstances, so how should they minimize the impact under special circumstances?

Generally speaking, driving after pregnancy does not have a great impact on pregnant women and fetuses, pregnant women can drive.Many expectant mothers are worried about driving spirit and high tension that will affect the fetus and seat belts. The stomach of the pregnant woman will generally not be strangled by the seat belt.It will have adverse effects on the fetus.

But expectant mothers are not suitable for running long distances, or too long driving.Because if the spirit is in a high tension for a long time, it will adversely affect the endocrine of pregnant women.And keeping sitting for a long time will have adverse effects on childbirth, and it will also affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

However, it is recommended to not drive by yourself after 7 months of pregnancy.When the mothers are driving in the third trimester, the steering wheel is easy to reach the stomach, and it is not convenient to get on and off. Once an accident occurs, it is easy to damage the belly, resulting in early peeling of the placenta, and the mothers and infants are dangerous. Therefore, pregnant women in the third trimester should be less driving.

1. Don’t drive a new car

The new leather and plastic decoration and materials in the new car will emit a pungent chemical smell, which is not good for the development of the baby’s baby, and even causes abortion in early pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers should not drive a new car.It is recommended that the new car should drive the door and window first after buying it home, let go of some chemical odors, and then put some bamboo charcoal, pineapple or wool pads, etc.

In addition, when driving the usual car, you should also pay attention to timely ventilation and gas to keep the air in the car relatively fresh.

2. Correct sitting position and tie the seat belt

When the emergency brakes or vehicles hit, the use of seat belt can effectively avoid hurting the mother and fetus, and the seat belt is greater than the disadvantages.Pregnant women’s stomachs are generally not injured by the seat belt. As long as the driving time is not very long, it will not have a adverse effect on the fetus.

Pregnant women first adjust the comfortable chair position so that the arm can easily control the steering wheel, and the feet can easily touch the pedal, and at the same time keep the abdomen and the steering wheel as much distance.When driving, it is best to lean on the back of the chair to allow the body to get some support.The shoulder strap of the seat belt should be placed in the scapula, and the neck should not be kept close to the neck; the shoulder strap should be through the center of the chest, but to avoid the belly; the belt should be placed under the abdomen, do not press the bulging belly.

3. Put a warning note

Prepare a piece of paper, and the book "There is a pregnant woman inside".Most drivers will take care of it when they see it. Not only will they not overtake to scare you, they will not make the horn and no teasing, so as not to disturb you.Note that the note should not be too large, but too much will cause disgust.If you are embarrassed to put on "pregnant women inside", it can be replaced with "novice inside", but "novice" is not as good as "pregnant women".

4. Do your homework to avoid getting lost

Pregnant women cannot find their destination while driving. They would rather do their homework before departure, and they were panic when they were lost.Go to the unfamiliar place, such as hospitals, it is not enough to plan only the lines. It is best to understand the surrounding environment, especially parking spaces.If you can’t find a parking space, normal people will be irritable, let alone pregnant women.The mobile phone bracket cannot be saved, and the mobile phone must be kept enough.It is not recommended that pregnant women travel across the market, do good homework, and encounter large traffic jams on cross -city high -speed roads. Everything is in vain.

5. Avoid roads with poor road conditions

Please avoid the roads, bumps, potholes, and poor roads. Generally driving slowly, you can also reduce the severe shaking of the body due to poor road conditions, so that it will not have an adverse effect on the fetus.

6, long hair should be combed

Women’s beauty is natural, but when driving, we must converge.For example, if you drive, a black and beautiful long hair should be combed, especially when the window is driving, because the wind outside the window is easy to mess with the hair, which causes the hair to block the sight.This is suitable for every woman, especially expectant mothers, so that any possible danger can be avoided.

7. The position of the chair should be adjusted

Most women are more petite, and they are more accustomed to seeing the location of the engine cover when driving, so it is easy to adjust the driver’s seat seat forward.Putting it on the steering wheel, this posture is actually incorrect and dangerous.

And if the abdomen of the pregnant woman is very close to the steering wheel, the legs and feet of the pregnant woman will be swollen after a long time.The abdomen will hit the steering wheel. If a severe traffic accident occurs, the airbags will pop up, impacting the abdomen of the pregnant woman, which is very fatal to the fetus and pregnant women itself.

It is recommended that expectant mothers must adjust their backs to the most comfortable position when driving.

8. The correct driving posture

Many pregnant women are accustomed to leaning forward when driving, which can easily cause abdominal pressure and compress the uterus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy (within 3 months of pregnancy) and in the third trimesterAbortion or premature birth.

Therefore, it is best to lean on the back of the chair when driving during pregnancy to allow it to support the body, which is beneficial to slowing fatigue.If you prepare a small cushion, the effect will be better and help slow down fatigue.It is best not to take a front -leaning posture to prevent the abdomen from being squeezed into the steering wheel.In addition, the expectant mother should not be too close to the steering wheel when driving, so as not to hit the steering wheel when the impact occurs, which will adversely affect the baby baby.

9. Appropriate dressing

Do not wear high heels, it is very basic common sense of traffic. Such shoes cannot provide enough fixing functions to support the feet. With the conversion of the accelerator and brake pedal, it is prone to slipping foot and dying driving safety.It is easy to swell. Wearing flat -bottomed non -slip shoes, not only safe, but also to relieve the pressure on the legs.In addition, avoid clothes that are easy to be hooked by foreign objects.

10. Concentration when driving

Who dares to say that I haven’t answered the phone once when I drive?Under normal circumstances, ordinary people can drive while answering the phone -of course, the traffic regulations are not allowed.Pregnant women are not. After more than 5 months of pregnancy, the bloated abdomen will bring a series of changes in physical and spiritual. You need to drive in one intention, and you must not be distracted.

11. Must be slow!

Pregnant women must not drive too fast when driving, expectant mothers should control their speed within 60km/h.In this way, urgent braking such as emergency brakes and rotating corners will not occur under normal circumstances.Try not to take the highway on the car, which is what every expectant mother must pay attention to.

Speed is an important reason for the rhythm of driving.Specific mothers should avoid the rhythm of driving too fast and reduce emergency operations when driving, such as rapid turns and sudden acceleration.The rhythm is too fast, and the impulse generated is a great test for the mood of the mother’s inner heart. It will be frightened by expectant mothers, and the chance of accidents will be greatly increased.

In order not to become a "roadblock", he consciously walks on the right -hand lane. Whoever wants to overtakes will make him super.If you do n’t have to do it, pregnant women do not drive on the highway.There must be someone to accompany you next to the highway.Keep a medium speed in accordance with the rules.Remember that after pregnancy, the female man had to learn to admit it.

12. Don’t be too low in air conditioning temperature

The air conditioner in the car is generally 26 ° C. It is best not to be lower than the temperature in the pregnant woman.In the case of not too hot, you can turn off the air conditioner and turn on the window to change the natural style.

13. Pay attention to road conditions and driving time

Specific mothers are prone to fatigue and sleepy during pregnancy. If the road conditions are not good, or the driving time is too long, it is easy to cause accidents.When the expectant mothers go out by car, they should avoid emergency braking and emergency steering, and do not drive on the highway.

In fact, Xiaobian believes that high -risk groups of pregnant women are not suitable for driving, because highly tension will affect the physiological situation of pregnant women, and it will also add a lot of risks to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women should try not to drive.And if you really need to drive, you must pay attention to the above matters, so as to minimize the risk.

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