Can pregnant women eat carp?

OK.Generally speaking, during pregnancy, pregnant women often experience different degrees of edema. Equal amounts of carp, catfish, catfish, are beneficial for various edema, edema, bloating, low urine, jaundice, and milk.It has a good food therapeutic effect on pregnant women with restless fetal movement and pregnancy -induced swelling.

Recommended recipes:

Red dates black beans stewed carp

Step the carp, remove scales, gills, and intestines.Put the black beans in the pan and fry until the bean shell is cracked and washed.Go to the nucleus and wash the red dates.Put carp, black beans, and red dates in a stew pot and add an appropriate amount of water. Cover and simmer for 3 hours.——Stidal edema during pregnancy.

Catfish loofah soup

Pack the catfish clean, wash, and cut into small pieces.Peel the loofah, wash, cut into sections, put it in the pot with the catfish, then add ginger slices and refined salt, first boil with high heat, and then simmer the fire until the fish is cooked.——In the heat and phlegm, and the water laxative.

Melon pork ribs soup

Wash the pork ribs, chop into pieces, simmer water; cut melon into pieces of the same size.Put the ribs in the casserole, add water, ginger slices, white onion, and wine, boil on high heat, change the low heat to the pork ribs to mature, pour the winter melon pieces to cooked, pick out the ginger slices, green onion, add salt and sesame oilPut a bowl.—— Diuretic and stool, eliminate edema.

Melon soup

500 grams of winter melon, decoction, daily take twice.——Dharmal edema.

Emerald bean pot pig soup

Put the pig’s pork (that is, the pork bladder) in the boiling water for 5 minutes, pick it up, scrape the moss, and wash it with water.Wash the eyebrow beans, red dates; red dates to nuclear.Roll the appropriate amount of water, put all the ingredients and boil, cook slowly until the eyebrow beans are rotten, and season with salt.——In the tone of the spleen, the swelling of the water is swollen.

Bow fish chicken custard

Go the catfish to the internal organs, clean it up, and wash.Put the fire on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water and catfish, cook until the fish is cooked, and then add 2 eggs, and add onion, ginger, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil to drink soup, fish and eggs.——The swelling.

Lotus seed pork belly

Wash the pork belly, hair lotus seeds (40 capsules, removing heart), suture with thread, put in the pot, add water, and stew it.In the market.Mix the sesame oil, salt, green onion, ginger, garlic seasoning and pork belly.——Buchi qi and nourishing deficiency, strengthen the spleen and stomach.It is suitable for expectant mothers who eat less, dumb, thinner or mild edema.(Edit of Xinyang Health Network)

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