Can pregnant women eat crabs?

Heavy metals in crabs exceed the standard!

The autumn wind rises, crab fat.Looking forward to looking forward, the days of eating hairy crabs are coming!Dead crabs are said to be poisoned?What about crabs?Listening people say that pregnant women can’t eat crabs. Is it true?Friends of foodie, let us cheer up together and make good crab preparations.

Don’t eat dead river crabs

River crab, the scientific name of Chinese velvet crab, has a high content of free amino acids and nitrogen -containing compounds in the body, and the meat is relatively loose, which provides favorable conditions for microorganisms to grow.And river crabs grow in the mud, and the living environment is suitable for microorganisms to grow, so the total number of fresh river crabs has a high base.

After the death of the river crabs, the content of microorganisms rises rapidly, and the pathogenic bacteria in their body will quickly reproduce and spread. At the same time, the histamine generated after the accelerated protein can cause the editors to have symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.Don’t eat it even if you just die, and even if the dead crabs are cooked, toxins are still not easy to be destroyed.

The growth environment of the sea crabs is special, and it is very easy to die after salvage, but the salt content in the seawater is high, and there are fewer bacteria inside and outside the crab body.Therefore, it can be eaten in time, but it can not be stored for a long time.

Don’t eat raw crab

In some places, they eat raw crabs, but eating this is healthy.After the raw crabs were marinated with high wine, soy sauce, mustard, vinegar and other seasonings, they did not completely kill the pathogenic bacteria and parasites.It is recommended that crabs be completely cooked and then eaten. It can be steamed or cooked. It is best to eat it now.

Think of crabs to remove these four parts

When eating crabs, you need to remove crab gills, crab stomachs, crab hearts, and crab intestines. These four parts are organic organs of crab filtering and metabolic waste, which contain a large amount of bacteria and parasites.

Crab cheeks are called crab croaks. On both sides of the crab body, they are shaped like eyebrows and arranged in stripes.

The crab stomach is tightly crab yellow, shaped like a triangular bag.

The crab heart is located in the middle of the crab yellow, and the crab stomach is tightly. It is a piece of hexagonal shape.

The crab intestines are located in the middle of the crab umbilicus, with strips.

Is the heavy metal in the crab exceeding the standard?

Most crabs on the market are artificially cultivated, and they need to be inspected in terms of water quality and medication.Even if the water quality is polluted, pollutants such as heavy metals are mainly concentrated in unavailable parts such as crab cheeks, so there is no need to worry too much.

It’s enough to eat two at a time

Crab tastes delicious, but contains more cholesterol, so don’t be greedy.It is recommended that you eat no more than two crabs at a time and no more than 3 per week.This is even more so for people with hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol.And gout patients and people with high uric acid should not eat more crabs, especially crab yellow, high purine content. Even if they eat one or two occasionally, it is best not to match beer or sweet drinks.

Can pregnant women not eat crabs?

It is rumored that pregnant women cannot eat crabs, otherwise beware of abortion, it is actually a rumor.If you are pregnant, you can eat crabs because of whether you eat crabs. Pregnant women who have bad stomach and stomach can eat less or not.Pregnant women who especially love crabs can rest assured that if you eat a solution, as mentioned earlier, if you eat crabs to eliminate dead river crabs, you must be cooked thoroughly. Do not exceed two at a time.However, if you eat a crab, you are frightened and anxious, and it is really better not to eat it.

How to choose hairy crabs

Look at the crab shell: The back of the shell is black and green, with bright and strong flesh.

Look at the crab umbilicus: The crab umbilicus is usually full of fat.

Look at the foot of chews: The fluffy feet are very healthy.

Look at the vitality: Turn the crab over and let the belly facing up, and you can quickly turn back with a feet. The vitality is strong.

Watching the male and female: Picking female crabs in August and September of the lunar calendar, there are more yellow crabs.The male and female of the crabs depends on the crab umbilicus. The crab’s crab umbilical is triangular, commonly known as the pointed umbilical, and the female crab umbilicus is round, commonly known as the cord.

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