Can pregnant women take a plane?Is there anything to pay attention to?See expert understanding

The aircraft can be said to be the fastest transportation. Especially for long -distance passengers, it can avoid the boat and car on the road. The safety factor of the aircraft is also the highest, but the same risks are also very high.Because flying in the sky, the air pressure within the cabin will be particularly large. Some people may have a slight discomfort when taking off and landing.Zhou can take a plane.

Generally speaking, if there is no vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, these conditions can actually take a plane. Some people may worry about it. At this time, because the embryo is not particularly stable, thenWill there be a miscarriage in the plane?In fact, the aircraft is still more stable than other means of transportation, that is, there are some changes in the air pressure. If an embryo cannot bear such a small change in such a small change, then he is likely not to be a relatively high -quality embryo.

But if it is really at the third trimester, it is best not to take a plane, because this is likely to have the risk of premature birth. If it is in case of delivery on the plane, it will really be helpless.Treatment.Therefore, the general pregnant mother must be careful after the month is relatively big. We recommend that you do n’t choose to fly after 32 weeks.

What is the situation of 4 weeks of pregnancy?

1. The fetus has just found a place to settle?

The fetus was just in the uterus shortly, and it was still very weak.You can just recognize the embryo tray and the body. It can be said that the fetal heart is still invisible.

2. The placenta starts to secrete the fluffy gonadotropin, and the secretion starts quickly in 4 weeks, but because the short time secretion and quantity are not much.

3. There is no early pregnancy response:

For example, vomiting, uncomfortable in physical fitness, generally does not feel too obvious. It is likely that some mothers feel more tired and tired.However, if you want to go far away from the distance, the plane is still a very good choice if you want to go far. Why is this?

1. The speed of the aircraft is relatively fast:

Generally, the aircraft will take about two hours, and the high -speed rail will take more than ten hours. Some may take a longer time if you just motor vehicles.It may be more tiring to take the high -speed rail or direct vehicle.

2. There are no more people in the ordinary people: when the plane is on the plane, it is one by one, but when there are many people, the high -speed rail or motor vehicle may be more pit.Not too friendly.

In addition, there are more people on high -speed rail and motorcycles, more complicated, and the taste is heavier. There are more germs on various people, so the plane is relatively simple and cleaner.

3. Most of the aircraft flight is relatively smooth:

If the aircraft is flying without air pressure, most of the time is relatively stable, but the air pressure changes are relatively large when the rise and decreased, and it feels a little less comfortable.

Pay attention to the following points when taking a plane at 4 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Understanding the process of flying a plane, it is best to be the "

When you take a plane, you must bring your ID card. You can apply for a check -in on the Internet if you buy a ticket. Some air tickets can take your ID card to pass the security check.

I know the process by taking the plane myself, and I know what it feels like by the plane.And know what is delivered, and what may pass security checks.

2. About 2 hours in advance to the airport:

I believe that many friends used to take planes to get tickets in more than an hour in advance, mainly because they do not need to send luggage, which is relatively simple.

3. Take a cup to the plane:

After entering the security check, you can install some hot water, which is more comfortable to drink.It will be better to drink a little water when the plane rises.Or buy a gum to eat.Generally speaking, it is okay to take a plane in the early pregnancy. By the time of the third trimester, a lot of airlines that take a lot of planes will ask the doctor to issue a certificate, and after 32 weeks or 34 weeks, it will not be allowed to fly after 34 weeks.For this time, I am afraid that the maternal will be pregnant on the plane, so it is not safe

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