Can pregnant women’s throats be eaten? What kind of fruit is good for pregnant women’s throat pain?

If pregnant women get angry or have a cold, they will often be accompanied by pain in their throats, which will make pregnant women very painful.Pregnant women are usually replenished during pregnancy, hoping to give themselves the most abundant nutrition for herself and fetuses.Sometimes, if you eat well, you will be uncomfortable when you get angry.Can the pregnant woman’s throat pain can eat slices? What kind of fruit is good for pregnant women’s throat pain? Below Wed114 Wedding Network Xiaobian brings you detailed content.

Can pregnant women’s throats be eaten with slices?

Pregnant women need to be cautious in eating slices. Generally, the slices of the treatment of throat pain contain the ingredients of borneols. Birchius can easily cause miscarriage, especially in the history of abortion, or pregnant women in the early pregnancy prohibit taking slices.

Take the common slices of pain in the treatment of throat -watermelon cream slices, watermelon cream slices contain the ingredients of pregnant women such as watermelon cream and borneol, so they do not advocate that pregnant women take it for insurance.In addition, because the effective ingredients of such drugs are small, if pregnant women have taken a small amount of this medicine, do not panic, it should not have a great impact, just stop the medicine.

The pain of throat is a common clinical manifestation of the Department of ENT. It can be caused by inflammation such as pharyngitis and tonsillitis. It can also be caused by the fire that people say.Oral liquid, scutellaria oral solution, etc.It can also be treated with some anti -inflammatory drugs and some antiviral drugs. If there is a cough, it can be treated with fresh bamboo liquid.However, it is best to go to the hospital to consult the doctor before taking the medicine. After getting the doctor’s permission, take a piece of film under the guidance of the doctor. It is always right to be cautious.

What to do if pregnant women have a pain in throat

1. Use chrysanthemum water to wet

Applying the throat with chrysanthemum water is a good way to relieve the pain of pregnant women.

The method is: put the dried chamomile in the boiling water, soak for 5 minutes, filter the juice, immerse the clean hand towel into this solution, remove the excess solution, and apply it directly to the sore throat of the pregnant woman until the towel is cooled, the throat hurts the throat, the throat hurtsIn severe cases, this approach can be repeated.This has an analgesic anti -inflammatory and promoting local blood circulation, thereby alleviating the pain of pregnant women’s throat.

2. Doing tongue roots

It is a simple method for pregnant women’s throat pain. It is a very simple method. It can reduce the swelling and pain of the throat caused by laryngitis, dry throat, and swallowing foreign body sensation.

The method is: closed mouth, the tip of the tongue against the teeth, rotating 18 times, 18 times, and then swallowing the liquid in the mouth three times, insisting on doing it once in the morning and evening, the effect of reducing the pain of throat is obvious.

3. Yongshui mouthwash

Salt water has the effect of anti -inflammatory sterilization. The pain in pregnant women’s throat pain with thick saline is very good, which can reduce bacterial infection of throat, especially in the early days of throat pain.

The method is: Pregnant women can lean their head back so that the thick saline can reach the pharynx, and then spit out after rushing, once every 20 minutes, repeated 10 times, the symptoms of the throat pain can improve.

Mixing water and honey mixed water can be said to be a good alternative to the throat.When pregnant women have a pain and inflammation of her throat, drinking a glass of lemon honey water can reduce inflammation and sterilize and reduce the swelling of the throat.And when drinking honey lemonade, the steam will also enter the respiratory system, which can moisturize the mucous membrane, prevent stimulating the throat, and reduce cough.

5. Drink Luo Han Guo Tea

When pregnant women have a pain in the throat, they can drink Luo Han fruit tea, which has the effects of clearing heat and relieving throat, reducing phlegm and relieving cough.The throat is moist and comfortable, especially the throat pain caused by the fire.

What fruits to eat for pregnant women’s throat are good?

1. Pear

The proverbs of "a few apricot peaches and three fires, solar eclipse are not more", which shows that eating more pears is good and harmless.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pears have functions such as reinforcement and thirst, cough and phlegm, clearing heat and lowering fire, nourishing blood muscles, moisturizing the lungs and dryness, and are most suitable for patients with fever and internal heat in winter.Especially for lung fever and cold, throat pain, children’s wind heat, and sore throat, dry stools are more suitable.

2. olive

Olive fruit, also known as green fruit, contains a large amount of tannic acid, volatile oil, fragrant liposol, etc., which has the effects of moisturizing throat, anti -inflammatory swelling, and the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing pharyngeal throat, and patients with pain in throat.The effect of eating is good. Chewing fresh olives can achieve the effect of moisturizing the throat. Edible marinated olives can be better.

3. Banana

Bananas are called "happy fruits", and it is also a kind of non -acidic soft fruit, which is easy to swallow and does not stimulate throat.In addition, bananas are rich in vitamin B, which is very helpful to repair throat inflammation, promote the normal function of the throat, and reduce the pain in the throat.

4. Grapefruit

It ’s good to eat grapefruit in the pain of the throat. This is because grapefruit has the effect of anti -inflammatory and fire, cough and asthma, and contains a large amount of vitamin C. It has a good auxiliary treatment effect on the treatment of throat pain and cold.

Kiwi is a sweet and cold fruit. Patients with pain in a throat can effectively live and moisturize kiwi, relieve heat and detoxify, promote saliva secretion, and moisturize their throat.

6. Bayber

Yangmei contains a variety of organic acids. When the throat hurts, eaten bayberry to moisturize the throat, promote the secretion of saliva, nourish the inflammation of the throat, and has certain effects on throat pain, redness, dry itching, etc. It is suitable for throat inflammation and throat.Pain and have a certain effect on laryngeal cancer.

7. 荸 荸

渴 止 has the effects of clearing heat and quenching thirst, dampness and phlegm, and lowering blood pressure. It is often used for fever, injury, and thirst, sore throat, stomatitis, lung fever cough.Regardless of whether it is eaten raw, cooking, or stir -fried, it is best to steam or cook it. You can also peel the juice. It can treat sore throat and pain, and it has a certain auxiliary effect on treating colds and cough.

8. Pineapple

The pineapple protease contained in pineapple can not only help cold patients alleviate the symptoms of sore throat and cough, but also effectively break down the protein in the food, increase gastrointestinal motility, and enhance the body’s immunity.Cold and cough may wish to drink a cup of fresh pineapple juice, but avoid excessive or unprecedented raw pineapple, because it is easy to reduce the taste and stimulate the oral mucosa.Secondly, it is likely to cause pineapple proteases. People who are allergic to this protease will have symptoms such as skin itching.

9, sugar cane

In "Successful Discipline", it is believed that sugarcane has the role of "throat". When the wind is cold, when the throat is sore and the mouth is dry, eating sugarcane can clear the fire and ease the symptoms.

10. Citrus

Vitamin C has the effect of anti -oxidation and improvement of the body’s immunity. If patients with colds take a large amount of vitamin C daily, they can reduce cold symptoms and shorten the course of disease.Citrus can relieve thirst, throat cough, and rich vitamin C. You only need to eat one citrus every day to satisfy the vitamin C needed for the human body one day. It is a low -cost anti -cold weapon.

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