Can pregnant women’s toothache be extracted?What to do with toothache

As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, but it is really terrible to hurt.If a woman has a problem of toothache during pregnancy, it will be troublesome, which will not only affect appetite, but also cannot take medicine randomly. Taking medicine will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.Toothache of pregnant women is mainly divided into fire toothache and tooth toothache, can pregnant women’s toothache be extracted?Is there any way to relieve toothache?

According to relevant data statistical analysis, 80%of women will have complications of dental complications during pregnancy. The most common dental complication is toothache.Toothache of pregnant women is due to changes in the body’s hormones, which reduces saliva secretion, which will cause changes in the oral environment.Once the ability to sterilize and neutralize PH values will stimulate the gums once, so that tooth decay bacteria and periodontal pathogenic bacteria begin to grow.

Experts said: Toothache for pregnant women cannot be extracted

Tooth extraction in the early stages of pregnancy is easy to induce abortion; tooth extraction in the late pregnancy is easy to produce premature birth; so women must do a good job in the protection of teeth in the early stage of pregnancy.

How to relieve toothache for pregnant women:

1. Smak the garlic and add it to the warmth, and then apply it to the pain point across the face, so as to treat pulpitis, periodontitis, and toothache.

2. Put the MSG according to the concentration of 1: 50, and open it with warm water. The pregnant woman first contains a flavor glyph water and then vomits.After several consecutive times, the symptoms of toothache will improve significantly.

3. During the toothache, cut a small piece of ginger in the pain. If necessary, it can be reused, and it doesn’t matter even when you sleep.

4. Pour 100g of ordinary liquor into the kettle and add 10g of salt for a while. After salt melting, put it on the stove and boil.Then there is a bite in the painful place when the toothache, but do not swallow it. Try it a few more times, and the toothache stops immediately.

5. Wash: Rinse the mouth with water, but pay attention to use water close to body temperature.

6. Massageist: Use this method to relieve 50 % of pain.Rub a piece of "V" with a piece of ice with your thumb and your index finger bone, and gently press the ice cubes to this part for 5 to 7 minutes.Researchers have found that 60 to 90 % of people use this method to reduce toothache.

7. Massage the Hegu acupoint with ice cubes for 5 minutes, which can also effectively reduce toothache.

Therefore, pregnant women must pay more attention to their teeth, rinse their mouths in time every day after dinner, so as not to cause food residues to cause tooth problems.If the toothache can not be relieved after trying the above methods, go to the regulatory hospital for treatment and treat it. Do not take medicine to avoid affecting the baby.

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