Can sperm deformity cause women not to be born?4 major causes of sperm deformity, do not underestimate

Deform sperm refers to the morphological variation of the sperm head, body, and tail. There are many reasons for the cause of malformation sperm, such as reproductive tract infections, high temperature, alcoholic drugs and radiation.High -quality sperm is the prerequisite for eugenics and eugenics, will the deformity sperm affect women’s conception.

If you want to achieve eugenics, you must have high -quality sperm and eggs. The possibility of high -quality sperm combined with eggs is high, and the power of pregnancy is high.However, it is difficult to combine sperm malformations with eggs to reduce the chance of women’s successful conception. Even after pregnancy, embryo development will be affected, and may even cause early abortion.However, sperm malformations are not equal to fetal malformations, but simple sperm malformations can reduce the quality of embryos and cause abortion.The cause of fetal malformation is that genetic genes are damaged or chromosomal abnormalities.Severe sperm deformities need to be assisted by IVF or artificial fertilization.

1. Smoking and drinking

Cigarettes contain too many harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide; alcohol and alcohol metabolism products in wine can damage sperm DNA, which causes sperm malformations.

2. Living habits and environmental factors

Sitting for a long time will cause the testicles to be at a high temperature and humid environment, affecting the production of sperm cells, and leading to poor sperm vitality or deformity.Long -term contact with radiation and chemical raw materials, staying in a high pollution environment can also cause sperm malformations.

3. Infection of urogenital system

With urogenital system infection, such as prostatitis or urethritis, and epididymitis, it can reduce the nutrient content in the semen. Sperm is not sufficiently nutritious and nourishing, which leads to sperm deformity and dead sperm.

4. Drug cause

Anti -cancer drugs, immune preparations, and fuuous drugs also affect sperm development.

Men should pay attention to the light diet, balanced and comprehensively ingesting nutrients in the body, and stay away from high -heat and high -fat foods.Do a good job of combining vegetarian and thickness, reasonably supplement vitamins and protein, control total heat intake, and avoid being too obese in the body.Avoid smoking and drinking, you can’t stay up late, eliminate negative emotions in time, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day, so as to go to bed early and get up early.Pay attention to local cleaning and hygiene, the underwear can be changed one day.

Kind tips

Men should reduce the number of times of steaming sauna or hot bath, because the testicles have high requirements for temperature, which is slightly lower than the body temperature to produce sperm.Hot water can increase testicular temperature and reduce sperm production.In addition, try not to wear tight pants or underwear to avoid affecting the scrotal heat dissipation.Reduce sedentary time and participate in physical exercise, such as climbing mountain climbing, walking fast, or jogging to improve the speed and immunity.

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