Can the "inverted water control method" save drowning?Don’t eat steamed buns for 3 days?The "Science" rumor list is here in May

Electronic cigarettes are healthy and have no harm?

Can the "inverted water control method" save drowning?

Does caesarean section need to be rehabilitated for basin floor?


May "Science" rumor list

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1 Electronic cigarettes are healthy and have no harm?

Rumor content: Electronic cigarettes are not damaged to human health, you can rest assured.

Truth interpretation: Electronic cigarettes are also cigarettes, and their harm cannot be ignored.

Most electronic cigarettes are nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerin. The smoke liquid will produce some other compounds during heating.These substances have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory system, and some even deposit in the airway to aggravate the inflammation of the respiratory tract, and even form occlusal fine -telletitis.

Electronic cigarettes will not only cause harm to human respiratory systems, but also harm the human cardiovascular system, immune system and blood system.Even if a small amount of inhalation of electronic cigarettes can cause corresponding clinical damage symptoms.

In order to strengthen the supervision of the electronic cigarette market in all aspects, the State Tobacco Monopoly Agency actively constructs "online cleanup, offline management and control, full -chain coverage, joint governance" electronic cigarette market supervision system, and promote supervision and law enforcement in accordance with the law.The standardized track of the rule of law.(Source: Headline Rumor)

2 "inverted water control method" can save drowning?

Rumor content: After drowning, even if the breathing and heartbeat stop, as long as the drowning person shook his feet upside down a few times, open his mouth, use a straw to blow air into the anus, and the water flows out of the mouth to pull the heart and lung operation.Rescue.

Interpretation of the truth: Inverted water control, anal blowing is an error operation. Not only can it not effectively rescue the drowning person, it will delay the precious timing of treatment.

Drowning people usually have only a small amount of water in the respiratory tract. The water is absorbed by the alveoli, causing damage to the gas exchange function, lung damage, and insufficient oxygen in the blood.The inverted water control does not supplement the oxygen in the patient’s blood. Most of the controlled water is also water in the esophagus and stomach.In addition, the method of drowning children running around the Internet is also wrong. Forcibly inverted inverted will not only drain the water out of the body, but also allow the food in the stomach of the drowning person to flow back and aggravate breathing difficulties.

For those who have already had a heartbeat and stopped breathing, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be started early.(Source: Tencent is more true)

3 Caesarean section does not need to be rehabilitation of the bottom?

Rumor content: The maternal cesarean section has not been tried by the vagina, so the pelvic floor function will not be damaged, so there is no need to do the basin repair.

Truth interpretation: The statement is incorrect.Not only can vaginal delivery may cause damage to the basin floor, pregnancy itself may also cause damage to the bottom of the basin. As long as the bottom function of the basin is damaged, whether it is smooth or cesarean section, it is recommended to actively rehabilitate the basin of the pot.

Pregnancy and childbirth are two independent factors affecting the dysfunction of the basin floor.During pregnancy, factors such as increasing uterus and gaining weight may affect the bottom of the basin.In the late pregnancy, in order to adapt to the uplifting pregnant belly, the curvness of the spine will change, resulting in the protruding of the lumbar spine forward, and the human heart’s center of gravity is directed from the waist to the bottom of the pot.These may further cause damage to the foundation of the basin, which will affect the damage of the pelvic foundation and cause a series of pelvic floor diseases.(Source: scientific rumor)

4 When the earthquake comes, go to the "Life Triangle" to avoid?

Rumors: When the earthquake comes, it is necessary to hide in the position of the triangle space, so as to effectively improve the opportunity to survive.

Truth interpretation: When the building collapses, the gravity of the roof on an object or furniture will hit these objects, leaving a space near them. This space is called "life triangle".

When the earthquake escaped, the practice of "quickly find a large, heavy object, such as wardrobe, sofa, and squatting or lying down" by the "Life Triangle Law" is not reliable.Because the earthquake comes, the shaking of it makes people unable to predict where it is triangular space.In the process of looking for triangular space, the surrounding decoratives such as ceiling and broken glass will cause greater harm to the body.

There are many limitations in the actual implementation of the "triangle method of life". The correct approach is to follow the principle of "Voldemort, Observation, and Grabbing".(Source: scientific rumor)

5 Is it good to drink a lot of water after a cold?

Rumor content: Drink plenty of water when you have a cold. Drinking a lot of water can increase the blood volume of people, dilute the concentration of viruses or bacteria, thereby helping your body better.

Interpretation of the truth: Drink plenty of water to cure a cold. Drinking too much water may cause dehydration.

When a cold, the human body will fight the virus by fever. This process will cause the water in the body to lose a lot of water, and at the same time, it will also take away electrolytes such as sodium and potassium.At this time, if it is only a large amount of boiled water, the electrolyte elements such as sodium and potassium in the body will be diluted.When the concentration of sodium in the body drops too much, people will have dizziness and weakness.At this time, the brain will automatically emit signals, excrete excess water in the body through urine, sweat and other methods to meet the needs of the electrolyte concentration balance in the body.

Therefore, a cold can not blindly drink water. While drinking water, you must also add enough electrolytes to help relieve cold symptoms.(Source: Science Popularization China)

6 Steamed buns can not be eaten for 3 days, because it will breed cinocular toxin?

Rumor content: For more than 3 days of frozen steamed buns, a large amount of yellow glimotoxin will produce in the steamed buns, and people will produce poisoning after intake.

Interpretation of the truth: The statement is inaccurate. The frozen buns will not breed yellow glimeline for 3 days, but the taste and texture will change, and nutrients and moisture will be lost.

The suitable growth temperature of yellow mold is 10-33 ° C, which will grow faster at 26-33 ° C mold. The temperature of the freezer of the refrigerator will basically not be higher than 0 ° C. Under this temperature conditions, piantin toxinIt is difficult to grow effectively.

Although frozen steamed buns do not produce chloroplastor, it does not mean that it is very safe.If the storage is not stored properly, steamed buns are easily contaminated by bacteria.Once the gimmick appears yellow -green mold, it feels sticky on the surface, smells sour and odor, it is best not to eat it anymore.(Source: scientific rumor)

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