Can the bottom muscle weak and the uterine drooping can be pregnant normally?

Many people will leave a lot of damage after giving birth to a child. If the recovery is not good, it may affect the second child.Let’s take a look at whether these two situations can get pregnant normally.

1. Basin bottom muscle weakness

1. The harm of the pelvic foundation is weak to the body

Pen bottom muscle weakness belongs to the pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. In addition to affecting pregnancy, there are some other hazards. The abdominal pressure of the pelvic floor muscle weakness will cause abnormal abnormalities, and the lumbar spine can cause increased lumbar back force.Therefore, I often hear that some people say back pain, which seriously affects life and work. At this time, check the bottom muscle.

The weakness of the basin of the basin can also cause the mucosa to become thinner, which will cause the immunity to decrease, the body will also interfere, and the position of the bladder neck is easy to decrease. If it is in size, cough, or sneezingThe weakness of the basin of the basin will bring a lot of pain to women and affect the quality of life.

2. How to improve the pelvic floor muscle weakness

(1) Pressive legs

This is the easiest way to exercise. It must be pressed back, left, left, and right, and the legs should be done standard. Let the chest try to touch the thighs as much as possible. As long as you persist for half an hour a day, it will have a good effect.The rope skipping will also improve the weakness of the bottom muscle. It can tighten the muscles of the basin. The skipping rope must be proceeded slowly. Do not jump too high at first, and slowly increase.

(2), frog jet

This method of exercise is very physical and can fully exercise the toughness of the muscles. As long as you persist for 15 minutes a day, you can stick to it for a week.The muscles in the basin can be well exercised, and you can do more sit -ups, which can help the muscle training of the basin.

3. Does the pelvic floor muscle weakness affect pregnancy?

The weakness of the basin muscle has a certain impact on pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, you must first do rehabilitation. Otherwise, even if you are pregnant, it will not be easy to keep your child.

Second, uterine dangling

1. Will the uterine sinter affect pregnancy?

After childbirth, women or menopause women are very prone to uterine prolapse, mainly divided into three types, mild, moderate and severe.Mild and moderate uterine prolapse generally does not affect pregnancy, and severe uterine prolapse can affect pregnancy and directly lead to infertility.Even if you are pregnant, as the pregnancy week increases, the ligament is getting more and more loose, causing abnormal blood pressure cycle in the pelvic cavity, leading to a slow development of the fetus, and severe abortion.

2. Symptoms of uterine velutinis

Women suffer from uterine prolapse. The main symptoms are: menstrual disorders, pain in sexual intercourse, dysmenorrhea, abnormal urination and urination, abdominal bloating, endometriosis, etc.

3. The uterine prolapse on the other effects on the body

(1) Abnormal menstruation

Menstruation is mainly manifested in too much. In addition, it is also accompanied by dysmenorrhea, backache back pain, abdominal swelling, and other discomfort symptoms. Some patients can also cause sexual intercourse pain and seriously affect the life of husband and wife.

(2), endometriosis

This is the symptoms of more severe patients, which can cause complications of endometriosis, which is mainly related to women with uterine discharge and increasing uterine internal pressure after suffering from uterine prolapse.

(3) Due to abnormal urination and defecation

The uterine prolapse moves down because of the position of the uterus, which will cause compression to local tissues and affect urination and urination.

The power of the pelvic floor muscle has a certain impact on the number of uterine prolapse on pregnancy. For uterine prolapse, drug treatment, surgical therapy, and Chinese medicine treatment can be adopted.

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