Can the mother who is pregnant with a child can go to the grave?Be sure to pay attention to these points

The Qingming Festival has arrived again. During this time, many people will worship in front of the tomb of relatives who die, which is also called the grave sweeping.This activity can give himself a little comfort, so that he feels that he can burn some paper money for the dead relatives, so that he can live better in the ground. This can also express his missing himself in front of the tomb.But can a mother who is pregnant, can my mother go to the grave?

Generally speaking, when this festival comes, it is best not to go to the cemetery when you are pregnant, because there may be a long way to go when you go.Long -term activities are not good for mothers and babies in the belly.

During the Qingming Festival, there will be many people in front of the tomb. Most of them are cleaning, worshiping relatives, setting off firecrackers, burning money, etc. This activity will not be pregnant for mothers who are pregnant.In a good place, burning paper money will produce a lot of smoke in the air. After the mother sucked it in, it will not be good for the children in the stomach, and the sound there is a loud sound, and the child in the belly may be noisy.For those who are pregnant, her mood is generally good and bad, and she may be unhappy if she is accidentally seen. In addition, they will be more sad when they see the dead relatives. Such a bad mood will bring to the belly.The baby is harmful to mothers and babies.And the temperature around the Qingming Festival has become higher. If the mother stands outside for a long time, it may be uncomfortable. If it is raining, it is not convenient to walk.And at this time, there are often various diseases, and it is likely to be stained. How terrible is this!

If you are pregnant, your mother wants to worship his loved ones, you don’t have to go outside, you can also do it at home, which is safer.The mother who is pregnant or a newborn baby, around the Qingming Festival, it is best not to go to the cemetery, do not go to the place where the person who died, if you have to go, it is better to bring a symbol, which is safer.If a woman goes to sweep the grave, it is best not to go when they come to the auntie, because this is a phenomenon of disrespect for the dead relatives, which is also very unlucky.

The pregnant mother has some attention in the Qingming Festival:

1: When you go out, be careful of the car. At this time, many people will go out. There are more people. The car is crowded. The mother who is pregnant must pay attention to whether the people around them have an impact on you.

2: Weather.The Qingming Festival will rain, and the road is a bit slippery. Be careful not to wrestle. This may make your child lose life.If you come out of the sun, you should also be careful of sunscreen, because these days may be particularly warm.

3: The Qingming Festival is here, and spring is here. There are many flowers, bugs and other things. If you don’t like pollen and other things, it is best not to go out or put on a mask. Be sure to prepare in advance.

4: Go to the dead relatives, the road in the middle must be uneven, easy to wrestle, and be careful when walking.

5: During the Qingming Festival, many people will put a lot of firecrackers in order to make the dead loved ones lively. If the mother who is pregnant, there may be noisy, and there will be a lot of smoke.The baby in the belly is also harmful.

When you go out of the Qingming Festival, you must be very careful. Mothers who are pregnant should be more careful about her belly, and everything must be packed in advance.

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