Can the pregnant mother apply the mask when I am pregnant?

Can the pregnant mother apply the mask when they are pregnant? There are people who love beauty. Every woman hopes that she is beautiful at any time, so many women often have more cosmetic beauty for high value.And applying masks is a common beauty method for women. Fortunately, can you apply the mask when you are pregnant? This is a question that many pregnant mothers are concerned. In fact, the answer is yes. Today we will talk about the pregnant mother’s mask together.Question, take a look:

Why do pregnant mothers need a mask?

Reason 1: Water deficiency

During pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, pregnant women’s skin storage ability and cell metabolic ability have decreased significantly, and it is easy to cause a series of skin problems such as dry water, dry water, acne, acne, sensitivity and even inflammation.Most mask products have hydration effects, which has a great effect on alleviating the problem of water shortage of pregnant women.

Reasons 2: Volic oil secretion

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, the secretion of skin fat on the face of the face will become stronger than ordinary people, and it is also necessary to clean skin cleaning.

Reason 3: Increased hormonal secretion increase

During pregnancy, the increase in hormonal secretion such as emotional and lutein will lead to enhancing the vitality of melanocytes in the skin. Therefore, it is unavoidable for pregnant women to have dull skin and color spots such as pregnancy spots.

How should pregnant mothers choose a mask that suits them?

First: Pregnant mothers can choose a regular mask. The beautiful pregnant women can buy them according to the product reputation, ingredients, quality and other aspects.Be sure to be mildly irritating to the skin, and at the same time, choose a mask suitable for your own skin characteristics.

Second: Pregnant mothers use the keywords of the mask-hydration. During pregnancy, the effective mask, such as whitening, anti-aging, is not recommended to use it. It is recommended that the effect of choice is mainly hydrating.Only the skin supplements enough water can it play a role in brightening the skin color at the same time, and can refine wrinkles, reduce the secretion of oil, and reduce the generation of acne.

Precautions for pregnant mothers to apply mask

1. Control the number of times

As a multi -effect repair skin care product, the mask has a certain effect cycle. If the pregnant mothers use it every day, it will cause the skin to be unable to eat, the skin beauty essence is too full, and the maintenance effect is not good.Or three times, and the time for applying the mask is 15-20 minutes.

2. Grasp the best use time

According to the activity of skin cells, skin cells are more active and blood circulation is faster at night, so night is the best time for skin repair, so the effect of applying masks at night will be accompanied.

3. Moisturizing water is critical

It is not a wash -free mask for facial cleaning with water every time it is applied, and timely paint the emulsion essence moisturizing skin care products to prevent the face from being evaporated by the essence of the skin absorbed, strengthen the skin moisturizing effect, repairs it for a long timeEssence

Reminder: The above is the question of "whether the pregnant mother can apply the mask during pregnancy" we shared today. By sharing, we know that the pregnant mother can still apply the mask when she is pregnant, because there is no research that it has proved that pregnant women cannot apply the mask! AndPregnant mothers apply masks to rain. Pregnant mother’s skin needs. It is only important to note that when applying masks, we should pay attention to choose the mask according to their actual situation. Do not use those masks containing hormone and irritating.I wish the pregnant mother beautiful during pregnancy!

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