Can the pregnant mother really can’t be in the same room?Experts tell you: Husband and wife life has 4 benefits for babies

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Many elderly people are instilled in novice parents here that they cannot live in the process of mothers during pregnancy.But for the two couples, it is difficult to have a husband and wife life for nearly a year.Can I really have a husband and wife life during my mother’s pregnancy?

According to professional department statistics, about 60%of pregnant mothers will have a decrease in sexual desire after women’s pregnancy, and 30%of pregnant mothers have not changed.At the same time, 40%of men will have a decline in sexual desire.So some husbands and wives really don’t want to have a husband and wife.

But there is another part of the husband and wife who wants to have a husband and wife. Can these couples only endure?

There are relevant experts in China to give conclusions: I ca n’t bear it. As long as it is proper, the same room during pregnancy can even bring a lot of benefits to the fetus.It will make the fetus develop better

During the life of the husband and wife, the hormone secreted by the mother’s body will affect the blood circulation around the uterus.At the same time, the mother’s own blood circulation will also accelerate, which can make the baby absorb more nutrition.Make the fetus in the mother’s belly well.Therefore, it is also good for the baby to live 2-3 times a week in the second trimester.It will make your baby have a better development environment

The reason why the old people feel that they cannot have a husband and wife life in the process of mother’s pregnancy, because in the process, the mother’s uterus is inaccurate.In this process, mothers will also have a contraction process, and they feel that the life of husband and wife during pregnancy is very dangerous to the child.But as long as the couple can exercise appropriately in this process, not only will they not hurt the child, but the fetus will like this feeling.During this time, the mother’s uterus environment can be better during this time.At this time, the fetal fetal movement is a very happy manifestation.Reduce the difficulty of mother’s delivery

During this period, if the mother has a husband and wife life, it will stimulate the mother and double the body to secrete "oxytocin".This hormone can directly help the mother’s body to make enough preparation for fetal delivery.

Once my mother chose to give birth, she could properly live a husband and wife life during pregnancy.Make pregnant mothers more smoothly, so that pregnant mothers suffer less during childbirth.It helps to alleviate the psychological pressure of pregnant mothers

In fact, the hormone in the body during the pregnancy of pregnant mothers shows a state of ups and downs.This makes the mother’s psychological state floating.Many times the small contradictions between the two husbands and wives will be magnified during this period, causing the mother’s mentality to collapse.

But moderate husband and wife life can alleviate the mothers’ emotions to a certain extent.Let mom be able to faced the hard life of the next.It can also make the baby have a good emotion.


In fact, mothers who have bred children have accepted the advice of doctors. In the early stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy, because the mother’s physical condition is very unstable, it is really not suitable for the life of the husband and wife, but in the middle of pregnancy, the husband and wife can still be properly lived between the husband and wife.

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