Can the stomach be spicy?Not only does the pepper not hurt the stomach, but it also reduces the risk of cancer?

For those who are "no spicy and unhappy",

The happiest thing is to eat hot hot pot on a rest day,

But while enjoying the spicy addiction, we are always tangled, and the spicy mouth is happy.

But hurt the stomach, do you want to eat it?

I often have diarrhea the next day after eating spicy hot pot,

Many friends love and hate, and want to eat, but they are worried that peppers will damage the stomach.

So the stomach is not good, is it the calamity of the pepper?

Today, I speak on behalf of pepper: I do n’t carry this pot!

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While stimulating the gastrointestinal, a small amount of pepper can accelerate gastric motility and blood circulation and promote the secretion of gastric mucus.Gastric mucus is an important protective barrier to the gastric. Therefore, capsules have a certain function to repair gastric mucosa, and can also inhibit the secretion of gastric acid.To some extent, a small amount of spicy food has a certain maintenance effect on the stomach.

An article published in the "International Popular Legee Magazine" in 2021 clearly tells the benefits of spicy food: spicy food can help us reduce the incidence of digestive tract tumors [1].

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The chili selected in the survey include not only fresh peppers, dried peppers, chili oil, but also seasoning, sauce, curry, etc.Some are directly added as cooking products, and some are used for dipping or head after cooking.

The final data analysis shows that for people who eat spicy food almost every day, the probability of the risk of gastrointestinal tumor is reduced by 10%.What’s even more surprising is that this number can reach 43%for people who do not drink and smoke.

But it should be noted that the above data is obtained within a reasonable and appropriate spicy food.It is not appropriate to eat spicy food, and the harm will be greater than the benefits.

When the spicyness is obviously beyond the body’s tolerance, the body will discharge capsaicin as soon as possible through diarrhea and vomiting, which may cause substantial harm to the body [2].

The relationship is not great.Judging from the current medical evidence, the pepper itself does not cause acne.

However, spicy stimulation can cause endocrine changes, such as expanding the sweat glands, making people sweaty, or causing excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.At this time, if the pores are blocked or bacterial infection, it will cause inflammation and acne.

Moreover, when many people eat spicy food, they eat a lot of meat and drink a lot of high sugar drinks, which are one of the factors that cause acne.

The following people are best to eat less spicy to avoid inducing or aggravating the disease [3]:

1. The basic disease of the digestive tract

For example: people with hemorrhoids, chronic cholecystitis, gastritis, gastric ulcers or poor gastrointestinal function.

2. There are chronic diseases

For example: coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic lung block, etc.

3. Endocrine disorders, often acne

Spicy stimuli can cause endocrine changes, leading to excessive sebum gland secretion and aggravating acne.

4. Elderly

Studies have shown that capsules can cause blood pressure in a short period of time.


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