Can wedding photos in the early stages of pregnancy make makeup? Can pregnancy be used as nails?

Many little couples now get on the car first, and then make up for the ticket.The wedding has not been on the agenda, but after pregnancy, you will be anxious to get married.Now the first step of getting married is taking wedding photos, but taking wedding photos involves the problem of makeup. We all know that in life, it is not recommended to make up for pregnant women.?Detailed explanation below.

Can wedding photos in the early stages of pregnancy make up:

In fact, as long as the formal cosmetics, occasionally it has no effect on the baby.

Just pay attention not to use inferior cosmetics, such as shouting lead and mercury. These are not only bad for pregnant people, but even if they are normal people.

If you don’t worry about shooting the cosmetics of the studio of the wedding dress, you can bring one by yourself. Now many big names have made some products that are used with confidence during pregnancy, such as pure plant products. You can try to search for the product.Evaluation.

Can taking wedding photos in the early stages of pregnancy can I make my nails:

This is completely prohibited.Because nail polish are chemicals, it is extremely unfavorable to the growth of the baby.

However, if you do n’t know if you do n’t know your pregnancy, you do n’t have to panic. In fact, chemicals spread to the blood through nails, which will not affect the baby.

It ’s just that in the future, do n’t do it well, such as weddings and wedding dresses. Of course, you really like nail art. You can choose some healthy stickers. Now the nail stickers on the Internet are also very beautiful.

Precautions for taking wedding photos in pregnancy:

1. dress

After a month, I started developing bones. At this time, choosing some tight clothes is really inappropriate. I really like slimness. Be sure not to shoot for too long. It is still possible for half an hour.

2. posture

After pregnancy, the posture is not easy to do too much. It is still given up like a bouncing posture. Although this is very vibrant, you choose some small amplitude for your baby’s health. Try to be a static posture.If you have some belly, you can choose some props to cover it. Of course, if you don’t mind your belly, you can take it generously.

3. Snacks

Those who are pregnant are easy to be hungry, so try to bring some snacks as much as possible on the day of shooting, so that pregnant women can replenish energy at any time.And in the process of shooting, you should also pay attention to arrange a reasonable rest time. Don’t support it. When you are tired, you will stop. Everyone will understand it.

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