Can women prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation?

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Can women prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation?

Listen to what the experts of the Maternal Maternal and Children’s Court Reproductive Center say

Affected by the epidemic, the enthusiasm of citizens has recently been vaccinated with new crown virus vaccines.Whether it can be vaccinated, it has become the confusion of novice mothers and prospective parents.The outpatient clinic of the Municipal Women and Children’s Hospital often has such consultation: "Do you, can you get a new crown vaccine during pregnancy?" "Doctor, am I pregnant, can I get a new crown vaccine?"Now, the whole family is very nervous. "" Doctor, I am going to do test tubes, can I get a new crown vaccine? "To this end, Cao Wenli, director of the reproductive center, found the latest version of the authoritative information and explained them one by one.

Cao Wenli said that during the popularity of the new crown virus, if there is no related contraindication in the nursery age, it is recommended to accept the new crown vaccination before pregnancy, especially for the childcare people with high exposure of professional risks and various complications, and once the pregnancy has potential pregnancy complicationsfemale.

For couples who are preparing for natural pregnancy, you do not have to postpone the pregnancy plan because of the inoculation of the new crown vaccine; the new crown vaccine is vaccinated without knowing the pregnancy. It is not recommended to terminate pregnancy, but it needs to be followed closely.

At present, there is still lack of evidence of the new crown vaccine on the long -term impact of reproductive systems, supporting, embryos and mother -to -child and baby. To this end, couples who have assisted reproductive technology assisted pregnancy are recommended. It is recommended that the vaccine vaccination for one month is stable after the immunization response is stable.The adverse reaction couples need to be suspended.

At the same time, in combination, Cao Wenli also made 5 suggestions to women in different periods:

1. It is recommended to vaccinate the new crown vaccine before the beginning of infertility treatment or before pregnancy;

2. For couples with prepared pregnancy plans, the pregnancy plan does not have to be delayed due to inoculation of the new crown virus vaccine;

3. During the vaccination period, pregnancy is found, and it is not recommended to terminate pregnancy. It is recommended to follow up closely;

4. Couples who accept assisted reproductive technology are recommended to be vaccinated for 1 month and 2 months later after 2 months of vaccination;

5. Breastfeeding women (such as medical staff, such as medical staff, etc.) who are infected with high -risk infection with new coronal virus are recommended.In addition, after vaccination, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding.

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