Can you be pregnant during ovulation?For these precautions, please prepare for pregnant women to collect

Women have ovulation every month. If the husband and wife are in the same room at this time, the chance of conception will increase a lot.Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle of women is about 28 days, and the ovulation period will be around the 14th day. So, can the same room be pregnant during ovulation?What other precautions can increase the chance of pregnancy for pregnant women?

We all know that the successful combination of sperm and egg cells can finally conceive the baby.Under normal circumstances, sperm can survive about 48 ~ 72 hours after the sperm is discharged outside the man.After egg cells are excreted, it will only survive for 12 to 24 hours.Therefore, in the female ovulation period, the same room can indeed increase the probability of pregnancy, but if you want to successfully conceive, these conditions are indispensable:

1. Mature sperm and egg cells

Sperm and egg cells should be normal and mature, and it is easy to conceive in a suitable environment.If egg cells are immature or cannot be discharged normally, they cannot be combined with male sperm, and they cannot conceive.

2. Men and women have normal reproductive organs

If you want to succeed in pregnancy, men’s tubes and women’s fallopian tubes must ensure normal. If any party has problems, women will have infertility.

3. Appropriate condition for breeding

If you want to succeed in pregnancy and the environment of breeding also plays an important role, women must have a uterus suitable for fertilized eggs to conceive.

There are the following precautions for how to increase the probability of "good pregnancy" during ovulation:

1. Women of menstruation to ensure the frequency of the same room twice a week during pregnancy. There is no need to deliberately arrange the ovulation period in the same room.

2. Relax, maintain optimism, and regular sexual life.

3. If infertility is found, go to the hospital as soon as possible and conduct follicle monitoring under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, prepare for the pre -pregnancy assessment 3 months before pregnancy, and conduct a comprehensive test of the body.Pay attention to maintenance after pregnancy, especially in the past three months to avoid colds.In addition, elderly women who are preparing to fertility two treasures should evaluate their fertility in advance to reduce fertility risks.

This article was scientifically controlled by Zeng Ling, deputy chief physician of the Gynecology of Tianyou Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University of Science and Technology.Muscle symptoms, etc.

(Responsible editor: Zhang Meng, Yao Xinyu)

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