Can you eat MSG?Seasonal seasoning during pregnancy is particular!

Since the pregnancy, expectant mothers have paid more and more attention to their healthy diet. There is no way, a mouth, the nutrition of two people.The home is up and down, and the pattern renovation studies all kinds of recipes. I really make a flower for the dishes, just to take a bite of prospective mothers.

In addition to some foods that can cause abortion, there are actually some good seasoning and do not fit pregnant women.Such as: hot spices such as cumin, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, spiced powder and other hot spices after pregnancy, as well as hot foods such as fried and fried, can easily consume intestinal moisture, reduce gastrointestinal glandular secretion, cause constipationEssenceAfter the constipation occurs, the pregnant woman’s bowel movement is increased, which increases the abdominal pressure, compress the fetus in the uterus, and can easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement, fetal development, premature amniotic fluid break, natural abortion, and premature birth.

Usually, when we cook, especially stew, cooking meat, and making ribs, we often put some seasonings, so that our vegetables are delicious and sprayed with fragrance.However, expectant mothers should have taboos on the seasonings.Because the body temperature of expectant mothers is higher than normal people, and the intestines are more dry, but these spices are hot spices, which are irritating, and are easy to consume intestinal moisture, reduce the gastrointestinal glandular body, and reduce the secretion of the secretion.The intestine is relatively dry, so that the constipation and hemorrhoids that the expectant mothers are prone to occur.

Some pregnant mothers have deteriorated appetite after pregnancy. You have focused on the dishes, or to improve your appetite, various seasonings play, but you have noticed that pregnant mothers have a lot of attention to eat seasonings?It is not good for pregnant women and fetuses to use improper use.Today I saw this article is not too late. Da C organizes some pregnant mothers’ condiments for food and food for your reference.

What should pregnant mothers pay attention to when eating taste products?

1. MSG

The primary component of MSG is sodium glutamate, which is easy to combine with zinc, causing zinc deficiency in pregnant women.

The Ninth United Nations Food and World Health Organization Food Additives and Regulations Committee decided to cancel the limited regulations for adults to consume 6 to 7.5 grams of flavors of flavors per day, but baby food must be used with caution.MSG can make the food taste delicious and contain a certain amount of nutrients. It does not confirm that it produces toxins. Therefore, as long as pregnant women eat an appropriate amount, there is no need to disable MSG.

It is recommended that pregnant women eat less because MSG contains a large amount of sodium glutamate, which will combine with zinc in the human body.The deficiency of its own zinc will also affect the fetus.

2. Soy sauce

Soy sauce contains 18%of salt. Pregnant women must calculate soy sauce when calculating the amount of salt.Soy sauce contains preservatives.Pregnant women do not need to avoid soy sauce. Although soy sauce soy sauce is used as raw materials, it is based on soybeans and wheat.Some soy sauce even add pigment and preservatives, which will harm the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Vinegar

Everyone has heard of the saying of sour girls. Indeed, some mothers will believe it, so they deliberately add some vinegar to each food so that they can finally get the baby they want, while some pregnant mothers areI really like to eat some sour foods, and then eat more vinegar every day, but pregnant mothers should also pay attention that if you eat this seasoning in a large number and long -term, the only benefit may be that you can let you pass your mouth over your mouthAddiction may cause the acid -base balance in the body to be broken, which makes it easy for pregnant mothers to fatigue, more likely to suffer from some diseases, and affect fetal development.

4. Sugar, sugar essence

White sugar consumes a large amount of calcium in the human body, which can easily lead to lack of calcium in pregnant mothers, affecting the development of fetal bones and teeth. Due to excessive sugar, it is easy to cause gestational diabetes, leading to indigestion and anorexia.Eating more sugar can cause indigestion and increase the burden on the kidney.

5. Chili

Specific mothers are easy to constipation. If you eat pepper, it will stimulate the stomach and stimulate the stomach and make constipation more serious.During pregnancy, expectant mothers should eat less or do not eat spicy and irritating foods to avoid affecting the health of the fetus.

6. Ginger

As the saying goes: "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer. Doctors do not work."

Ginger is beneficial to the summer heat.Ginger in fresh ginger can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, appetizing, increased digestive fluid secretion, and is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.Gingerin has a stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels, which can accelerate the heartbeat and blood circulation. The pores are opened, which is conducive to excretion of waste in the body with sweat and taking away the remaining heat in the body.

In addition, ginger is effective in alleviating the morning vomiting of pregnant women.Nausea and vomiting usually occur in the first three months of pregnancy. People call it "morning vomiting", which is a normal pregnancy reaction.However, morning vomiting is always uncomfortable, and the drug will hurt the fetus, so it is not suitable for treatment.An experiment with 32 pregnant women’s participation showed that they took 10 grams of ginger every day and found that: compared with the control group (35 pregnant women who take placements)Essence

Pregnant women should pay attention to the following 4 points:

1. Moderate food.In the hot summer, it is easy to get rid of the mouth, and the ginger is warm, which is a thermal drug.According to the principle of "hot people in the hot" of Chinese medicine, pregnant women should eat less ginger.

2. Pregnant women, such as gardenia, scabies, hemorrhoids, nephritis, pharyngitis, or upper respiratory tract infection, should not be eaten for a long time, or they should temporarily fast ginger to prevent the disease from worsening.

3. Ginger has the effect of removing cold and divergent. Drinking some ginger soup after a cold has a certain effect on driving the cold, but it is best not to add brown sugar to the ginger soup.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar can promote blood circulation and dispersal blood stasis, and is mostly used to treat dysmenorrhea caused by blood stasis. Any adverse stimulation may cause fetal abortion, and the food that promotes blood circulation is more likely to promote the occurrence of miscarriage.

4. Rotten ginger can produce a strong organic matter-eccotum, which can damage liver cells.Therefore, do not season with rotten ginger.In the past, there was a saying or method of "rotten ginger without rotten taste".

7. Purple Su

It is rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and protein, which can relieve headaches and reduce the symptoms of influenza. It has the effect of sweating and fever.The aromatic substances such as perilla aldehyde are used by gourmets to taste flavor. When making seafood aquatic products, it helps to remove fishy and relieve the discomfort of many pregnant women’s fear of fishy.But pregnant women should not eat perilla for excessive fishing.

8. Mint

The smell is cool and unique, with a good failure and refreshing effect.But because of its unique irritating smell, it will have adverse effects on the nervous system of pregnant mothers.At the same time, this unique aromatic smell enters the embryo through the body of the pregnant mother, affecting the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, things such as mint sugar and mint flavors should not be touched by pregnant mothers.

9. Mustard

Although mustard is not a commonly used condiment in our traditional, it is also very common in today’s life, such as Japanese shops and sushi shops.Pregnant mothers must be cautious about mustard during pregnancy. This is a seasoning that tastes very spicy and can easily cause fire, especially pregnant mothers with constipation problems. Mustard will only increase their constipation. They will also have the fetus to have the fetus.The possibility of wet poison.

10. Chinese medicine

Some pregnant women like to take traditional Chinese medicine, mainly because it thinks it is alleviated and is more secure.As everyone knows, the same Chinese medicine, like Western medicine, is listed in taboos and caution.Therefore, when you are sick during pregnancy, you should be treated with Chinese medicine for treatment. You should not abuse Chinese medicine to avoid unnecessary damage to yourself and the fetus.

11. There are also these new spiced condiments. Pregnant women should not eat more

After pregnancy, hot spices such as cumin, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, and spiced powder, as well as hot foods such as fried and fried, can easily consume intestinal moisture, reduce gastrointestinal glandular secretion, and cause constipation.After the constipation occurs, the pregnant woman’s bowel movement is increased, which increases the abdominal pressure, compress the fetus in the uterus, and can easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement, fetal development, premature amniotic fluid break, natural abortion, and premature birth.

Pregnant mothers, do you learn how to eat seasonings?

Finally, I hope that each pregnant mother can eat healthy and healthy during pregnancy!

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