Can you get pregnant without sex?You should know more about marginal behavior and unreliable contraceptive methods

"If you don’t go in, just be outside, you won’t be okay." Boyfriend said to his girlfriend

The girlfriend blushed her face, and she agreed to her boyfriend’s request for trust, but her girlfriend felt abnormal after a few weeks of things. When she found that she was pregnant, she complained about her boyfriend and agreed to her boyfriend’s marginal behavior at first.

1. Can I get pregnant without sex?

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy requires sexual participation.However, some marginal behaviors may lead to women’s pregnancy, even if there is no actual sexual intercourse.

For example, oral sex and masturbation may cause men to secrete the body fluid containing sperm.If these body fluids are exposed to women’s reproductive organs or oral cavity, sperm can enter women’s body, causing pregnancy.If men wear sperm condoms in sexual behaviors, or condoms are ruptured or slipped during use, they will also lead to the possibility of women’s pregnancy.

In addition, even if women have not experienced sexual behavior, they may be pregnant for other reasons.For example, if women have sufficient semen on clothes or other items in contact with sperm, they may also cause pregnancy.A small number of women may experience the so -called "spontaneous ovulation", that is, naturally ovulation and conceived without sexual behavior.

two,.The concept and danger of marginal behavior

Edge sexual behavior refers to some sexual behaviors that do not directly involve sexual intercourse, such as oral sex, masturbation and anal sex.Although these behaviors do not directly involve vaginal sexual intercourse, there are still risk of pregnancy and spreading.The following is the danger of marginal behavior:

Pregnancy risk: oral sex and masturbation may cause men to secrete the body fluid containing sperm.If these body fluids are exposed to women’s reproductive organs or oral cavity, sperm can enter women’s body, causing pregnancy.Anal sex can also cause pregnancy because sperm can enter women through anus.

Communication disease: Edge behavior may also spread sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, sex tumors, syphilis, and gonorrhea.These sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through body fluid contact with skin contact, and safe measures must be taken when conducting any sexual behavior.

Ethics: Edge behavior is regarded as immoral or unhealthy behaviors in some culture, which may have psychological pressure and negative impact on individuals.In some countries and regions, these behaviors may be limited by law.

Third, common unreliable contraception methods and their hazards

Safe Thauto: Safe Thauto is to avoid sexual behavior during ovulation through calculation.However, this method is not reliable, because the menstrual cycle may change due to many factors, resulting in inaccurate predictions.Sperm can survive in women for several days. Even if sexual behavior is performed before or after ovulation, there is still the possibility of pregnancy.

Vulnerable condoms: condoms are one of the most common contraceptive methods, but incorrect use of condoms can also cause contraceptive failures.For example, if the condom is not placed or penetrated properly, it will cause semen leakage or condoms to slip, which will cause pregnancy and spreading.

Vulnerable contraceptives: contraceptives are a commonly used oral contraceptive method, but incorrect taking contraceptive pills will cause contraceptive failure and adverse reactions.For example, if you miss the time or not take the instructions, the contraceptive effect of contraceptives will be reduced.

Family Standing Medicine: In certain cultures and society, the word "family standing medicine" often hear.These drugs may include painkillers, antibiotics, etc., but these drugs are not contraceptives.It is unreliable to use these drugs to prevent pregnancy and may cause adverse reactions and other health problems.

4. Safety contraception methods and protection measures

In order to protect women’s health and fertility, the following are some common safety contraception methods and protection measures:

Condoms: condoms are a safe, cheap and easy -to -use contraceptive method, which can effectively avoid pregnancy and spread.The condom should be placed on the men’s penis correctly, maintaining the correct position during sexual intercourse.

Contraceptive pills: contraceptives are a method of oral contraceptive, which can effectively contraception and regulate the menstrual cycle.Contrastings must be taken in accordance with the instructions, and at the same time, any adverse reactions need to be monitored closely.

Oral contraceptives and double protection of condoms: Dual protection using oral contraceptives and condoms can improve contraceptive effects, and at the same time can effectively avoid spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

Safe Thauto Method: Although the safe -term contraceptive method is not the most reliable contraceptive method, it can still be used as a alternative plan.Women can predict the ovulation period by calculating the menstrual cycle, so as to avoid sex at this time.

Oral sex films and condoms: oral sex films and condoms are safe contraception methods that can avoid sexual transmission diseases in oral sex.

Avoid sharing personal belongings: sexually transmitted diseases can be spread by sharing personal objects, such as towels, toothbrushes, and razors.We must avoid sharing personal belongings with others.

In terms of sexual life, safety and health are essential.Even without actual sexual behavior, marginal behavior may cause pregnancy.At the same time, although many unreliable contraceptive methods seem simple and convenient, they are actually extremely harmful.We must take contraception and protection measures carefully, and take safe and reliable measures to protect ourselves and others.””

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