Can you raise a cat when you are pregnant?

Many people who don’t like small animals do not understand cats who are raising

"Also fed cat food? How much does it cost that month? Isn’t it possible to feed the leftovers?"

"Besides the cat to buy toys? Is it too expensive?"

"The cats are all jumping"

"You even let the cat go to bed, do you take a bath every day?"

"Cats are all bacteria and infectious diseases, don’t raise girls!"

"I’m pregnant? Hurry up the cat away, otherwise the child will be deformed!"

People who love cats like all cats, regardless

Those who love cats only like cats that are cute and expensive

People who hate cats hate all cats

It is a very warm thing to raise a animal to accompany you

If they can watch you get married and give birth to a baby

Then grow up with your child

It’s a very warm thing

After all, their life span is only ten years

Can you raise a cat for pregnancy?

It has always been controversial

Today your baby king Okano

Let’s give a reasonable explanation

The feces all know that there is a parasitic insect of the cat’s intestinal mucosa, a bowworm, and the cat is the ultimate host of the toxoplasma worm.

Gow -shaped worms are terrible. I don’t deny it, but people think that only cats have bow -shaped worms on cats.In fact, almost all mammals and birds can be infected with toxoplasma.

The main source of infection of human beings is that the meat of these animals causes infection, especially the meat that eats raw.

For example: eating hot pot meat is not cooked, cutting cooked food with cut meat, eating uninterrupted dairy products, and uninterrupted vegetables and fruits.

In short: As long as you don’t talk about hygiene, whether you have a cat or not, you may be infected with a bow -shaped worm!

The only channel that humans can infect Toxoplasma disease through cats is to directly contact the cat’s stool.

emmm …. Who is okay to play cat feces?

The cat’s life is excreted once in the feces once, and the worm eggs are discharged at least 24 hours after it can be contagious.So if you clean up the feces daily, you will reduce the chance of being infected.

Investigation of the National Love Cat Association (CFA) shows that from the source of human infection, the degree of cat dung infection infection is actually not as serious as people eat unkind meat.Family cats may be infected with toxoplasma in their lives. The transmitted ways are usually consumption of dead mice, mice, squirrels or other small animals.Cats who live indoors and have never been in contact with mice may never be transmitted.

I said earlier in an article that to be a qualified shit officer, you need to have more than N -excellent morality.

The most important one is: hard work

How to avoid hormone infections most comprehensive?

1. Take the cat owner for a bowworm. If the master is infected, do a good job of deworming.

2. Keep the food basin clean. Usually feed the master and cat food and cat food, and feed less raw meat.

3. Shit basin and basin should be cleaned at least once a day.

4. Do not let the master prey outside, so as not to eat infected mice or birds, or eat polluted food.

5. Pregnant women should avoid contact with cats and cats of cats, let other people in the family complete the work of cleaning cat feces, or clean the cat sand pot daily, and carefully wash their hands afterwards.After touching the cat, wash your hands.

6. Before pregnancy, you can take a test called TORCH, which will find out whether the expectant mothers are infected with toxoplasma.Gynecology in the average domestic three -level hospital can provide TORCH tests.


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