Can you raise a dog during pregnancy?

We heard in our lives that I saw a lot of my hostess pregnancy, and we sent our puppy kitten to others or abandoned. Every time I saw such things, I felt particularly angry. Today, this article,Let me give you a popular science to raise dogs.

1. There are parasites on the puppy, not clean

Nowadays, dogs in the city are all indoors. Do we also have parasites in our house? If you do n’t have dogs at home, you will also be exposed to it. Is this kind of saying that is not a matter of nonsense.Also, the places where dogs are in contact with parasites are mostly outdoors. When we walk the dog, he enters the grass and dyes the bug eggs on his body.The owner is not lazy, and regularly repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly existed with insects and baths. Is this problem that does not exist? I am also making a pet beauty industry. I also have two dogs in my house. You can send the dogs to pet shops to allow professionalsCome and clean, you can also buy it on your pet shop or Taobao. It is very cheap, dilutes water, and the effect is also very good.

Two, Toxoplasma

We are really "changing the color of the worm" now, and the Toxoplasma is indeed very harmful to people, but from a scientific perspective, the hormones of the toxoplasma are stored in the feces of the puppy and kitten.The hatching time is about 24 hours, which means that we can remove the dog’s feces every day.In addition, professional pet shop pet hospitals have bow -shaped insects test strips. As soon as the test, I know whether the dog has a bow -shaped worm. One is not assured that you can test it a few times. If you are not assured of the test strip, you can also take the pet shop pet hospital.Professional people will test for you.And even if the dog does have a bow -shaped worm, it can be eradicated, so you don’t need to be so fuss.

3. The mood of the master

Women are in a mood when they are pregnant. We send the dog away. The hostess thinks about the dog every day, thinking about whether he has eaten, drink, and live well.ah.

Fourth, summary

In summary, we can raise dogs during pregnancy. We should not give the dogs away or even abandon them. They are also a life. When we need them, we will get them home, but we are encountering things.When it is a solution, they must be sent away. Is this fair? So, treat our dogs well.

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