Cancer caused by a tooth decay took away the young life of the 26 -year -old pregnant woman!How to avoid tragedy?

Today I will share a real case with you.A 26 -year -old female patient walked into the hospital’s dental department with a big belly. It was a very humble minor illness, but she never had the opportunity to go out of the hospital’s door.

At first, the patient had only a tooth decay, and she didn’t care, because she was pregnant, and she was afraid to anesthes anesthesia and affect the fetus. She did not go to the hospital for treatment.Later, the teeth became rotten, and the edges of the rotten teeth defect were relatively sharp, and she often scratched her tongue. She still didn’t put it on her heart.Time passed quickly. She was already pregnant for six months, but at this time, the wound on her tongue failed to heal, and the more swollen and bigger, it had affected normal meals. There was no way to come to the hospital.

The doctor’s experience was rich in experience. At first glance, I found that this was already a typical cauliflower tongue cancer, and immediately arranged for admission.Because the patient is a pregnant woman, the situation is special, and the patient cannot be directly surgery and chemotherapy, and the patient strongly demands that there is a child. The hospital can only decide to wait for another 2 weeks, wait for the child to have a cesarean section, and then treat it.

Fortunately, although the child is a bit naphtan after birth and weighs very light, he is healthy.Patients also underwent surgical treatment and chemotherapy for the first time. They thought that the patient could be discharged smoothly. However, because of a cesarean section, a major surgery was undergoing a major surgery. The patient’s body was very weak.

At the age of 26, it was the age that had just entered the right track, but the patient’s life was set here, and there was no chance to listen to her child calling "mother".And the source of all this tragedy is just a small tooth decay.If the patient can notice the tooth decay before pregnancy, if you seek the help of a doctor in time after pregnancy, you can get scientific treatment. If you can find strange and start treatment as early as possible, maybe the ending will be different.But no matter how much, the tragedy has happened, and you can only use this painful example to warn everyone that cancer may be around us. We must pay attention to prevention and timely treatment.

Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer. Its irritating foods and genetic factors such as long -term smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut, and hot spicy are easily leading to the occurrence of oral cancer.Men in tongue cancer have more diseases than women, but in recent years, the number of increases and young age of onset of onset has been increasing.Tongue cancer lesions will cause tongue or large or small defects after surgery, which seriously affects the patient’s daily life.

In order to avoid the occurrence of oral malignant tumors, people should pay attention to oral hygiene. Do not eat irritating food for a long time, and do not drink a lot of alcohol and smoking.Especially during oral ulcers, we must avoid irritating foods and keep oral hygiene. It is recommended to use some fresh saline or professional mouthwash to rinse my mouth to maintain oral hygiene.If you find that oral ulcers cannot heal for more than 10 days, or the ulcer surface is large and the pain is not obvious, these may be a dangerous signal before cancer, and you should go to the hospital for examination immediately.

In addition, when the teeth appear worm teeth, it should be treated in time to avoid damaged teeth for a long time to stimulate the tongue or cheeks.There is a long -lasting ulcer on the tongue, or the unknown lumps grow on the tongue, causing pain or numbness. Be sure to go to a professional dental hospital for treatment in time.

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