Can’t durian eat casually?Doctor: When eating durian, 7 taboos may be paid attention to

Durian is the most famous in Thailand and is known as the "king of fruits".Its smell is strong, and those who love praise their fragrance, and those who are tired of complaining.

Durian has varieties such as golden pillows, Jialun, and Green Ni. The quality of golden pillows is the best and most expensive.It is named because it is fleshy, soft, long, and looks like a pillow.

So about durian, do you know what benefits will be harvested often?Let’s take a look at it together.

Durian has the aromatic smell of natural divergent. It is precisely because of this smell that it will make some odor.The aromatic smell of durian comes from an alkaloid substance called glucoside inside it, which will break down glutamic acid.A substance called glutamate is produced, and glutamate is the source of odor of durian.

The more mature the durian flesh, the stronger the smell. Those who hate durian only feel that they are stinky. People who like durian understand that this is a sign of durian mature.

1. Strong healthy body

The sugar content in durian is 13%and the amount of starch is 11%.This number indicates that durian can better replenish physical strength, and durian contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is conducive to the development of body bones and physical health.

Durian is particularly suitable for pregnant women and the elderly, which plays a role in promoting development for young people.

2. Supplementary nutrition

100g durian usually contains 64.5g of water, 28.3g of carbohydrates, 20.0mg of carotene, 261mg of potassium, 38mg phosphorus, etc.

Eating durian in moderation in daily amount can provide a variety of nutrients for the body, supplement the energy required for daily consumption, and is beneficial to physical health.

3. Promote blood circulation

Durian is a hot food. Consumption of durian can not only play the role of cold and warm, but also has the effect of alleviating female dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, it is very recommended that people with cold constitutions eat durian, which can promote their blood circulation and increase the temperature of the body.In addition, durian can improve appetite and accelerate the discharge of body toxins.

4. Relieve constipation

The role of durian can also clear the stomach and treat constipation. Durian is rich in colorful chemical fibers, which can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal unity and relieve constipation.After eating durians, everyone should drink a little water, but do not drink a lot of water, otherwise, it is very easy to cause abdominal stretching.

5. Prevent hypertension

Durian fruit is rich in vitamin content, of which vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are high.Many scientific research proves that vitamin A is a necessary trace nutrients for our human body and very important, and has physiological functions that maintain normal growth, reproduction, vision and confrontation.

Durian fruit also contains a variety of elements such as our human body.Among them, the content of potassium and calcium in durian fruit is also particularly high.

The metabolism and material transfer of potassium and protein, carbohydrates and energy can help prevent diseases and treat hypertension.

1. Diabetes should not eat durian

For some diabetic patients, it is not recommended to eat durian, because the sugar in durian is very high.If too much intake, sugar intake will exceed the standard, which will affect the stability of blood sugar, lead to increased blood sugar, and increase the burden on the body.

This will induce the risk of diabetes and complications and affect individual health, so it is also recommended to pay attention to the amount of control.

2. Durian don’t eat with liquor

Be sure to pay attention when eating durian, it is best not to drink liquor at the same time.Because wine and durian belong to the heat, if you eat it together, it will easily lead to excessive anger in the body and aggravate the burden on the body.

And it will also cause blood vessels to block and promote the problem of stroke in blood vessels to endanger personal health, so try to avoid alcohol when eating durian.

3. It is not advisable to eat milk -made food at the same time

Durian contains histamine, which may increase the permeability of blood vessels after consumption.If it is a crowd of protein allergies, consumption of milk foods may cause an increase in allergic reactions, which will cause symptoms such as itching of skin and skin redness.

4. Durian cannot be eaten too much

Durian is a warm fruit. Usually, eating durians must pay attention to it. Do not consume durians too much, because once durian is too much, it is easy to cause the fire.

Therefore, you must not exceed the standard durian. Although it is very nutritious, you must know that you will have some adverse effects after eating too much.I hope that friends who like durian can control the amount of food in normal times.

5. Patients with kidney disease cannot eat

People with kidney disease should also eat less durian, because durian contains a lot of potassium.

There is a problem with the kidney function of itself. If you consume a lot of potassium, it will cause disorder in the balance of water in the body, the electrolyte is also imbalance, and it will also make the problem of less urine and edema more serious.

6. Don’t eat people who get angry

Although durian is good, not everyone can eat, especially those who are serious on fire are best not to eat durian.Durian belongs to the fruit of the body, and it is easy to cause fire performance too much.

And eating durians when getting angry may occur more seriously.Therefore, people with symptoms of fire should be based on a light and healthy diet, and eat more foods to clear heat and reduce fire.Durian is best to eat less food.

7. Don’t eat people who are allergic to durian

Some people are inherently sensitive, and it is easy to have allergic reactions, such as itching urticaria in the skin, and these people have taboos for many foods.

If you find that you have a variety of discomfort after eating durian, please refuse to eat durian directly, because this is not a good thing for physical health.

1. Package ripe

Durian’s temperature requirements for the surrounding environment are relatively high, and it is easier to mature in a warm place.Therefore, if the durian that is bought back is immature, you can also wrap it with newspapers or thick towels, plastic wrap, etc., and place it in a cool and dry place.

Pay attention to ventilation. After waiting for a few days, durian matures.

2. Using rice to ripen durian

Using rice can also cooked durian, because rice will release some ethylene when saved. When ripening durian, you need to remove the durian, remove the pulp, and then wrap it with plastic wrap.

Then buried in the rice, and after two days, the durian will be cooked through, and it will be better to eat it directly.

3. Microwave furnace ripening

If the flesh is not completely mature after the durian is opened, it can also be placed in a microwave oven and heated.Wrap the peeled durian flesh with plastic wrap and heat it in the microwave oven for a few minutes to cooked durian, but the durian taste that is cooked in this way will be slightly worse.

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